Mission Statement

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Panoramic Properties has what you have been searching for. From its inception in 1995, Panoramic Properties has grown explosively from one apartment building in Niagara Falls, ON, to properties and complexes all over Ontario. A very progressive company, Panoramic Properties actively seeks new properties throughout Canada and the US in order to provide the perfect place to live - anywhere.

The company has been carefully cultivated by President Angelo Butera with the goal of creating beautiful, affordable and comfortable places for people to call home. Despite the constant growth of the company, this vision and integrity remain constant as Mr. Butera personally oversees each acquisition and the training of all staff.

This dedication to quality and service is reflected in Panoramic Properties' corporate and property-level staff. Professionalism, attention to detail and conscientiousness are the watchwords of the corporate philosophy; and it's all proven by excellent tenant retention and rapid growth.



You are the most important people to us.

You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you.

You are not an interruption of our work, you are the purpose of it.

You do us a favour when you rent with us, we are not doing you a favour by servicing you.

You come to us with your needs, it is our job to fulfill them.

You pay our wages .... without you, we would have to close our doors.

We should give you the most courteous attention.

Let us take this moment to say THANK YOU!

We appreciate having you as our friend and our residents.


Angelo Butera
Panoramic Properties Inc.