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A Healthier Thanksgiving: Start planning now!

September 28 , 2012

Before we know it, October will be knocking on the door. Family gatherings, holiday meals and great memories are created during this beautiful time of year. This year, do the holiday right and create a healthy family menu. With a variety of grocery stores in the Niagara Falls area, there is no shortage of healthy food choices that are high in flavour. Here are some great tips on how to have a healthy Thanksgiving.  

Shop Early: 

  Plan your Thanksgiving shopping list in advance of the holiday. By shopping early, you have plenty of time to create a healthy list and avoid the holiday mark-ups. When we shop at the last minute we have a tendency to over-buy. By getting to the stores early, you have time to take advantage of valuable coupons, and the opportunity to comparison shop for the best deals.  

Substitute low calorie options:

  Choose foods that have fewer calories. Many recipes can be created using substitutions. For example, replace whole milk with skim, soy or rice milk. If a recipe calls for sour cream, try low-fat Greek yogurt instead. Sugar can be replaced with flavourful fruit syrup, honey or agave nectar. When baking, coat baking tins with a cooking spray rather than butter.   Start a new tradition and try these tips for a healthier Thanksgiving. Cut out high calorie options such as mashed potatoes; serve your guest sweet potatoes with honey instead. Good Housekeeping magazine has an excellent recipe for a unique low-fat, high flavour South-West Corn bread stuffing.   Make small health-conscious changes to your meal’s offerings. It wouldn’t quite be a Thanksgiving meal without turkey, stuffing and lots of desserts; but there are ways to cut calories without compromising on taste. Instead of cheese or carb-loaded appetizers, serve crisp veggie sticks with a low calorie dip or hummus. Instead of cookies, serve a selection of fruit with a yogurt dipping sauce.  

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare:

  Prep some of the Thanksgiving meal early. By preparing beforehand, you can make healthier choices and reduce the Thanksgiving Day stress – all with less mess to clean up.   If you are making homemade rolls for your meal, make whole-wheat dough and place it in the freezer until the day before Thanksgiving. Prepare your pies or cakes at this time as well.  

Local Shopping Options:

  Whether you’re already living in one of Panoramic Properties’ apartments in Niagara Falls or looking to relocate before the holiday. You’re well positioned to get your Thanksgiving shopping done easily.   From Weinbrenner Place and Pell Street apartments, you’re a quick drive to Chippawa Foodland. Other nearby local options include Food BasicsGeppino’s Grocery, and Walmart.  
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