Back to school apartment essentials

Teenage Girl Studying At Desk In Bedroom


Fall is here and back-to-school season is in full swing. Whether you’ve just moved into your first apartment in Ottawa, or you’re well into your academic career and are ready to stop making rookie mistakes, Panoramic Properties wants to help you get organized. Check out these back to school apartment essentials.




A dry erase board is a simple but essential part of student life. Pick one up to save paper while doing scratch work, solve problems, visualize your priorities list, make grocery lists, jot down reminders, track deadline dates, scrawl motivational quotes etc. Mistakes are easily erased and you can start with a clean slate whenever you like. If only everything in life was so simple!




You’re going to have a lot of books to organize, so make sure you have ample storage for textbooks, school books, and just-for-fun books. Your home will quickly become cluttered and cramped without a bookshelf.




A portable lap desk is the perfect addition to your new apartment. Whether you have a dedicated work space, or prefer the kitchen table, a portable lap desk lets you work anywhere. Move to the couch to try and get those creative juices flowing, find your focus while lying in bed, or use it as a standing desk to avoid sitting for too long.




Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the day. Your focus remains sharp no matter how many hours of work are required. For the rest of us, there is coffee. Get yourself a coffee maker, french press, or at least keep a jar of instant in the cupboard for when that small project you’ve been procrastinating on turns into an all-nighter.




Not everything should be or can be stored on your computer. Important documents such as your lease, birth certificate and hard copy backups of important papers, all need a place to live. A small filing cabinet or document box will keep your essentials organized and you’ll avoid stuffing your tax returns into a garbage bag.


Panoramic Properties welcomes you home and hopes this post gives you an edge on school season planning. For information on Panoramic Properties in Ottawa, and the comfort and convenience of Baseline apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road), please visit our website.