Cozy Up Your Home With These Tips

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Winters in Mississauga can get pretty chilly, but no matter how much the mercury drops, you can feel warm and cozy at home. Panoramic Properties wants to make your winter feel warmer. This winter, cozy up your home with these tips.


Curl Up in Cozy Bedding


Your bed should be the coziest place in the world for you. Cool cotton sheets are great in summer, but winter requires something a little more substantial. Opt for some flannel or jersey sheets and an extra throw blanket, folded at the foot of your bed, for those nights when the wind won’t stop howling.


Slipper Stash


Your home is your sanctuary. You want to feel cozy the moment you set foot inside your door. Keep a pair of slippers by the main entrance. Boots come off, slippers go on. This little ritual will set the cozy tone from the moment you get home, and you won’t track snow and salt inside.


Throw in Some Throw Rugs


Even with slippers on, walking on a warm throw rug is a little slice of heaven in the winter. You don’t need to cover your floors with them — be strategic. One next to your bed to start and end the day in comfort, one by the coffee table, and maybe even a kitchen runner to keep you cozy while you cook.


Warm Up Your Windows


Sheer curtains are a great option for letting in the summer sun while maintaining privacy. For winter, treat yourself to some thicker, softer and warmer window treatments. A rich velvet curtain with a thermal lining will make your space feel rich and comfy, while blocking out any drafts that can cramp your cozy style.


Warm Up From Within


Placing holiday cards or family photos out on display may not make your space physically warmer, but the warmth that comes from within when you look at them can’t be purchased at any price.


Panoramic Properties hopes that these tips help make coming home to 2200 Sherobee or 45 Paisley feel as warm and cozy as can be. For information on Panoramic Properties in Mississauga, please visit our website.