Cozy Winter Home Accessories

Winter is a great time to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere at home. Panoramic Properties has a few simple tricks to create a cozy home — without spending a ton of money.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Adding natural materials like rattan and wicker to your home is a simple way to make any space feel more cozy. For example, you can create an inviting reading corner in a room by adding a beautiful wicker chair. Add even more texture to a room by using baskets for decoration and storage. Another great trick for creating a cozy space is to use baskets for plants, which is one of the latest trends in home decor.

Floor Pillows and Throws

Floor pillows don’t just look great in a room, they are also very practical. They can be used for lounging around with friends, as an alternative seating arrangement for dining and even as meditation pillows. If you’re style is a bit bohemian, floor pillows are a must! Another great trick is to pick up a cozy blanket or throw. Look for faux fur blankets or chunky knit throws, which will add lots of texture to any room in your home.


When it comes to making your space more cozy, lighting is everything! By adding candles to a room, you can create a warm and relaxing mood. If you incorporate candles in different shapes and sizes, it’s a great way to create dimension. But if you’re not someone who wants to use real candles, there are many electric candles that look just as good and create the same cozy ambiance.

Salt Lamps

Another way to make your space feel homey is to invest in a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Apart from its health benefits, the warm orange light is very calming and instantly creates a cozy feeling. They are affordable, versatile and make any room feel inviting.

Panoramic Properties hopes these four accessories help you create a welcoming and cozy home this winter. For information on Panoramic Properties in Ottawa, and the comfort and convenience of our Baseline apartments (1785 – 1815 Baseline Road), please visit our website.