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DIY Art for your kid's room

August 16 , 2013

Do it yourself room art projects are a great way to get your kids involved in creating something beautiful and memorable. Another added bonus to DIY kid’s room art projects is that they are fairly inexpensive. Today at Panoramic Properties, our blog team has come up with a few ideas to get your DIY art projects moving along.  

Framing the Classics

  This idea comes from and is a great inexpensive way to create wall art. Cutting out (or colour copying) a page from any of your child’s favourite illustrated book and framing it makes an easy piece of wall art that is meaningful and attractive. Just a nine-minute walk (or three-minute drive) from our Bentley Place community in London (1265-1275 Bentley Drive) is Talize (1345 Huron), a thrift shop where you can find a large selection of used books and frames which would be perfect for this purpose.  

Letter Art

  Your child’s initials can easily be transformed from wooden letters to awesome wall art. Beginning with a wooden letter from your local Michael’s (1737 Richmond Street) or other craft store, add some personal touches like glimmering rhinestones, spray paint or covering it with yarn. Whatever you and your child choose, it is sure to make a personal statement.  

Hand Prints

  With an inexpensive canvas and some acrylic paint from the local dollar store, your children can make some pretty neat wall art. On a table covered in plastic or newspaper, have them dip their hand in paint (make sure it’s washable) then press down on the canvas. They will be left with a memory of the fun time and a reminder of how small their hand once was. Whatever the do it yourself project is, it is guaranteed to be a fun and memorable experience for your kids. Making something together is a great way to infuse love and art together in your children’s room. Here at Panoramic Properties, our Bentley Place community (1265-1275 Bentley Drive) is close to local schools, so your children are always welcome. For more information about what is available, click here.