Fall and winter resource-saving tips for your apartment

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Winter in Ottawa is a fabulous but frigid time of year. Panoramic Properties wants to help you block out winter’s chill while simultaneously cutting down on your energy usage. Follow these fall and winter resource-saving tips for your apartment to stay warm and save.


Passive Solar


Don’t let all the free heat the sun throws your way go to waste. During the day, open your curtains, especially any south-facing windows. The heat will gradually rise throughout the day. At night, close the curtains and enjoy the free and natural warmth.


Exhaust Fans


The exhaust fans over your stove and in the bathroom can actually suck out the heat that has risen to the ceiling during the day. Make sure to use your exhaust fans only as much as needed during colder months.


Bundle Up


One of the great things about winter is that you have an excuse to bundle up in cozy clothing and blankets. Putting on a warm sweater and some slippers is a simple and cozy way to use less energy. Using an area rug to keep the floor insulated is also a great way to stay cozy and cut back on energy usage.




Moist air holds heat better than dry air. During the winter, the air inside your home can become very dry. This can lead to dry skin and general discomfort. Add some humidity to the air with houseplants and/or a humidifier.

Green Christmas


Go green this Christmas! Decorate for the holidays using LED lights. New LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. You can find what you need at the Home Depot at 1900 Baseline Road, it’s just down the street from our Baseline Apartments (1785-1815 Baseline Road).


Panoramic Properties hopes these tips help keep you warm, cozy and energy efficient this season. For information on Panoramic Properties in Ottawa, please visit our website.