Five Temporary Ways To Update Your Rental

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Living in a rental unit is wonderful but is not without its limitations — especially when it comes to renovations. But there is hope! Panoramic Properties has five ways that you can personalize the look of your apartment that are totally temporary.

Plants, plants, plants!

A great way to add a personal touch to your rental unit, without requiring your landlord’s approval, is to add plants. You can really personalize an apartment with plants and flowers which will make the space feel cozy and welcoming. Ivy and Monstera are lush and beautiful and easy to take care of. You you can usually find them at most plant stores. A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is an attractive option but requires more care.

Invest In New Blinds

Choosing new and interesting blinds can really give your apartment that mini makeover you’ve been looking for. Get rid of the old blinds that have been used for ages and update them with something more modern. If you want something simple, go for light-filtering shades that look clean and chic. Bamboo blinds are also nice, and they block out more light if that’s what you’re looking for.

Fabric Wall

Removable fabric wallpaper is a fantastic option if you’re renting. It’s easy to install and it peels right off. You can choose different patterns and fabrics and really add your personal touch without actually altering the walls. So when you’re ready to move out, it will be stress free!

Switch the Door Knobs
Add a touch of personality to your home by switching up boring door knobs for something more unique and fun. You can match them to your decor or add a splash of colour to your furniture. It’s subtle but it works! You can find great options at Anthropologie or Wayfair

Change The Lighting

The light fixtures in rental units are often the same. If you’re not a fan of yours, they are easy to replace and can make a huge difference in how your apartment looks. Look for light fixtures that go well with your decor and that reflect your style and taste. When it’s time to move out, keep your landlord happy by switching back to the original fixtures.

We hope you found these tips from Panoramic Properties helpful. Now you can give your rental unit a mini makeover without making any major alterations. 

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