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Hallowe'en is Haunted House Season in Niagara Falls

October 30 , 2012
Panoramic Properties Inc.

Hallowe'en is a holiday best known for costumes, candy and creativity, but its also a time when people go out of their way to get frightened or try to do a little scaring themselves. Not only is it a time for kids to enjoy, but adults get a big kick out of it too. That’s why haunted houses remain a popular staple throughout the month of October.

The spooky season begins once the leaves start to change colours and it may seem like the number of high-tech haunted houses in your neighbourhood is sprawling out of control. There's no need to go into debt while decorating. Here are some ways to turn your apartment into a creepy haunted house without breaking the bank:

At Weinbrenner Place, you can get started by decorating your front door. You can purchase plastic door covers with spooky messages for under $10 at a party store or if you’re a crafter, make your own door cover with a little imagination, construction paper, tape and some red paint.

Inside your apartment, something as minimal as changing your regular light bulbs to blue or black ones can create a chilling effect. If you're planning an eerie get-together, add a fog machine into the mix or go online and get a Halloween playlist. Put it on repeat and play it through speakers for a scary auditory sensation.

If you don’t want people to enter your bedroom, designate it as a ‘crime scene,' with yellow crime scene tape to block off the entrance.

Other spooky tips:

· Make a ‘fire,’ by grouping together lots of (safety first, flameless) candles in various shapes and sizes
· Use fake spider webs all around your place and scatter fake spiders throughout as well

You can find these supplies from a local party store. Try Party Connection (6260 Thorold Stone Rd.) or Party MAX (3770 Montrose Rd.)

If you’d rather not spend time decorating then you can enjoy a haunted night out! Niagara Falls is home to Nightmares Fear Factory, one of the best haunted houses in the country. If you’re too squeamish to go in person, take a look at this album of the top 40 fear pics of the month for a chuckle.

Have a safe and Happy Hallowe'en!

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