Healthy Meals before the Holiday Season

It’s December and the holiday season is upon us. This month is chock full of indulgent parties, meals with friends and lots of goodies at work. This can add up and impact the waistline and our well-being. Panoramic Properties has compiled some delicious and healthy recipes to help you maintain a balanced diet that leaves you with a bit more room to indulge (responsibly).


Thanks to our Ottawa apartment community’s updated kitchens and modern appliances, residents of Baseline Court (1785/1815 Baseline Rd.) can easily prepare any of the following recipes on ‘non-festive’ days.


Avocado and Chickpea Sandwich


This creamy sandwich is a great option to take for a brown-bagged lunch to work. We promise you’ll love it! First, combine chickpeas with a ripe avocado and smash together. Next, stir in fresh cilantro, green onion and lemon juice. Season the combination with salt and pepper and spread onto bread for a sandwich. Add lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts or any other veggie-based sandwich topping you’d like.


Steak Nicoise Salad


This recipe is high in protein and fiber and not lacking in flavour. The flank steak and red-skin potatoes serve as a hearty base to the meal. Add green beans, kalamata olives and tomatoes and toss with an oil and vinegar dressing. Our favourite Steak Nicoise Salad recipe comes courtesy of Fitness Magazine.  Try adding in more green veggies such as steamed kale or asparagus.


Red Beets with avocado, grapefruit and pistachios


A favourite winter salad, this dish features roasted beets with an unlikely citrus pairing. However unconventional this recipe seems, the flavours work well together and are a great change of pace during the holidays. Add goat or another low-fat cheese to supplement.


Loblaws (1980 Baseline Rd.) and Walmart (1375 Baseline Rd.) are close by and the perfect spot to shop for ingredients. Even though it’s winter, the Ottawa Farmer’s Market is still open so you can stop by and pick up some fresh and local seasonal produce.