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How to maximize your studio apartment

March 3 , 2022
Panoramic Properties
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So, you live in tight quarters and you want to make the most of it. Lucky for you, this is a common conundrum and we have several practical tips to help you maximize your studio apartment space. 

Keep it minimalist

Clutter can create a sense of chaos and claustrophobia in a small space -- and that’s definitely not what you want in your home. To make your tiny apartment feel larger, try to follow the minimalist aesthetic whenever possible. We get it, not everyone can live in a bare space, but you don’t have to let clutter win either. A great way to balance things is to keep furniture to the bare minimum (maximizing open space) and organize your odds and ends with compact and clever storage solutions. 

Try these attractive storage solutions

Have a bare wall? Add some floating shelves. Bring a lot of paperwork home? Use a small filing cabinet. If you’re really tight on space, it can double as a bedside table or pedestal for your favourite plants. Invest in a sizable coffee table with built in storage so you can tuck things in your living area out of sight when you don’t need them. Opt for a murphy bed or a bed that converts into a couch by day to keep your space feeling open when you’re not sleeping. This also creates more floor space for you to use in other ways during the day. If you don’t want or cannot have a murphy bed or sofa bed, look for a bed that has built in storage where you can house all kinds of bedroom essentials -- from sheets and linens to books and clothing.

Arrange strategically

The furniture and items you fill your apartment with can look very different depending on how you arrange things. Try to spread things out by placing your big furniture pieces against your walls rather than in the middle of the room. This trick can work wonders because it creates the illusion of more open floorspace and gives you more room to move freely through the space.

Think open

When it comes to what furniture pieces to invest in, open is best when dealing with a small space. The pieces don’t have to be entirely open, but having open elements is key. Think a bookshelf with no back or only partial backing, a clothes rack instead of a closed armoire, floating shelves, wall hooks etc. This allows for more light to flow through your space and creates the illusion of more open space.

Opt for exposed

When chairs and tables have exposed legs, they seem to not take up as much physical space as those that don’t because light can pass underneath them. Fill your apartment with exposed legged furniture to maximize the feeling of openness. 

When in doubt, reflect

Ever stood inside a mirrored elevator and felt like you stumbled into infinity? Mirrors are a classic way to make a small space feel infinitely bigger. They create the illusion of a larger room because they literally reflect the spaces they face. 

Level up

A great way to make a small, open plan space feel bigger is to create levels in it. You want to draw the eye upwards in some areas and downwards in others. For instance, you could put your bed on a platform to raise it above the other furniture in the room. You could also make the space feel taller by maximizing your walls with lots of framed art or floating shelving. You can even hang your bike on a wall rack to really draw some attention vertically!

Keep it neutral

Sticking to a neutral palette for your walls and furniture is a good way to go in a small space because it creates a feeling of openness that bold colours can hinder. That’s not to say that you can’t incorporate any bold colours, but there are ways to do it strategically. Instead of painting your walls hot pink, try incorporating hot pink accents into your decor through wall art, throw pillows or blankets. Choose a neutral toned couch and place a boldly coloured side table with open legs beside it. Basically you want small pops of colour rather than overwhelming swaths.

We hope these tips and tricks help you make the most out of your studio apartment!

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