How to pick a colour palette for your apartment

Many people are getting ready for the season to change and starting to plan for their big spring cleaning. With this periodic clear out, sometimes the urge to change the mood of your apartment comes along. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team has put together a guide to help our St Catharines residents pick a colour palette for their apartment.


There are websites like this that are dedicated to colour and giving people great ideas for selecting the right schemes. You can browse through the ideas that people have already shared and create your own palettes as well as discuss the latest designs. Additionally, tools like Adobe Kuler allow you to explore plenty of colourful themes and create your own.


If you have a piece of art or a photograph that you really love, consider using it as your jumping off point by pulling out complimentary colours. Start with three colours and work your way from there.


Head over to the local Home Hardware (400 Scott Street), which is just a six-minute drive from our featured Westgate Village Apartments (30 Bradmon Drive) and have a look at their paint section. Sample cards are available in countless colours and are free for you to take home and experiment with. If you find a colour scheme that you really like, consider buying test pots of paint to use on large canvas panels to add colour to your space.


If you don’t want to be limited to paint as the source of colour in your apartment, you don’t have to be. A neutral scheme such as white, grey or beige serves as an excellent backdrop for colourful accessories. Accent pieces like a colourful couch; chair or dresser is a great focal point.


Using one large item as the starting point will allow you to incorporate smaller pieces and create a nice colour palette by accessorizing. Pillows, throws, vases and other small objects are great to use and can be found at HomeSense, (221 Glendale Avenue) which is five minutes away from our featured Queenston Apartments (349 Queenston).



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