When to Use a Short-Term Rental

The short-term rental market has changed.

Previously, you only had two options – hotels, or staying with family. But now, many individuals and property rental companies are opening up their own homes to rent. These aren’t buildings that were purpose-built to be rented out short term – these are real furnished apartments and short term rentals with all of the amenities and luxuries of a real home. But why should you rent a short term rental instead of a hotel? Both have advantages and disadvantages over one another and it can be hard to decide.

We have put together a guide to help you find out why a short-term rental may be a better option for you!

#1 – Duration of Stay

Short-term rentals are perfect for stays that are for a week or longer. When you rent an apartment or house, you can often get a lower weekly or monthly rate than a hotel. Short-term rental owners are also more experienced with long-term stays and may be able to meet your needs better. You may also find that hotel lack amenities you will need for long-term stays.

#2 – Amenities

If you are staying for a long period of time, chances are you will need more than just a place to sleep. The amenities of a real house or apartment can prove to be incredibly useful. Instead of packing a whole month’s worth of clothing, pack one week of clothing and take advantage of in-suite laundry. Visit with friends or co-workers in the area by inviting them into your furnished, comfortable real living room. And of course, a real apartment is going to have much more space than a single-room hotel accommodation.

#3 – Food & Catering

Another consideration is your plan for food. Most hotel rooms are not equipped with kitchens adequate enough to prepare proper meals, and dining at restaurants every night can be expensive and bad for your health! A short-term rental will feature a full-size kitchen with all of the appliances you need to cook your own food. Stove, fridge, sink, everything you need to make your own healthier, cheaper food.

#4 – Number of Guests

Renting a short-term rental will result in more room for guests, which includes multiple bedrooms and often multiple bathrooms as well. It may again he cheaper to rent one large short-term rental and split the cost between all of the guests, instead of having individual guests rent separate individual hotel rooms for a higher price per room.

#5 – Time Spent in Accommodation

Having days absolutely packed with activity can be tiring, so long-terms stays may include some times of rest. This may be staying in your accommodation for a morning or afternoon to unwind and recuperate for the next busy day. Needless to say, it is much better to relax in a larger accommodation with a lot of space and furniture. A short-term rental provides a homely feeling and proper space to relax. If you have a packed schedule of visiting attractions or family all day (and also choose to eat out), you won’t spend as much time in your accommodation.

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