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The Butera Group


What you get when you cross a master craftsman with an attractive property? The perfect place to live.

The familiar feeling is extended to the tenants of these properties - the end result that attracts new residents to Panoramic Properties and keeps them over the years. Competitors must wonder why they've grown so fast over the years - but why would tenants leave when they are treated like family and are so at home?

Allow us to introduce you to Angelo Butera. He's our master craftsman, general contractor, our quality control specialist, the head of our purchasing department, our lead interior designer...and our President.

Angelo's attention to detail is what started Panoramic Properties, and it's what has kept our tenants happy for over 26 years. Involved in the construction business since the early 1970's, it is a family orientated business with Angelo and his family active in the everyday operations. Some may call it obsessive, but it has its benefits - all our properties are renovated and maintained to the highest standards; the way Angelo would have his own home.

Grown from one building in Niagara Falls to properties all over Ontario, Panoramic Properties operates with pride, integrity, quality and conscientiousness as their watchwords for business practices. Angelo imbues all his coworkers and employees with these qualities -leading by example and treating his business associates as part of his family - The Butera Group.

Company BIOS

Angelo Butera – CEO - President

Lori Vormittag – VP of Administration

Vince Butera – Senior Vice President

Angelo Butera Jr – VP of Operations

Kris Sarin – CFO & Vice President of Acquisitions

Frank Ianniello – Accountant/Auditor - CA

Sonia Butera – Maintenance Coordinator/Support

Natalino Raso – Customer Experience Manager

Kyle Chiki – Digital Marketing Manager

Marlene Forrest - Accounting Administrator

Doris Roy – Accounting Administrator

Kimberley Bagni - Accounting Administrator

Mark Sauder – Accounting Administrator

Renata Zajac– Payroll Administrator

Lauren Brace - Legal Assistant 

Jim Chmiel – Niagara Regional Leasing Manager

Bill Kimonos - Senior Leasing 

Heather Fisher - Property Administrator

Cristina Visan - Property Administrator

Jayne Knight – Property Administrator

Debra Hum – Property Administrator

Yvette Mansion – Property Administrator

Katlee Matthews – Office/Admin Support

Nick Mansion – Niagara Region Maintenance Manager

Susan Deakin – Resident Manager

Jezebel Rabbe - Resident Manager

Shannon Salisbury – Resident Manager

Robyn Wesley - Office Administrator

Sudbury Team

Stephanie Sindori – District Manager

Paula Peroni – Leasing Manager

Paula Cook - Building Manager and Leasing

Melanie Kanerva - Office Administrator

Victor Richards – Resident Manager

Bev Bobbie – Resident Manager

Katie Bracken – Resident Manager

Heather Bushey – Resident Manager

Patrick Mulligan - Regent Manor Resident Manager