Extended Stays Sudbury

Extended Stays Sudbury

About 1.85 million years ago a large meteorite rich in nickel, copper, gold and other metals impacted an area about 400 km northwest of Toronto creating what is now called the Sudbury Basin. This made Sudbury, Ontario in Canada the “nickel capital” of the world when mining began there in the 1880s. Currently, home to about 160,000 people, the City of Greater Sudbury ranks as the 4th largest municipality in North America regarding size.

Sudbury is home to over 300 lakes and numerous beaches that are supervised as well as many parks and recreational areas including Bell Park in the middle of the city. For $20 a senior citizen can get a monthly bus pass on the Sudbury Transit / Greater Sudbury Transit system. And if that is not enough, one can visit the Big Nickel that is a nine-meter replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel on display at the Dynamic Earth science museum.

Little about Panoramic Properties LLC

Panoramic Properties Inc. has been a part of the Ontario, Canada business community for over 20 years. The president is Angelo Butera who began with one apartment building in Niagara Falls to properties all over Canada and the USA providing comfortable and affordable dwellings that become home for many long-term tenants.

Angelo is from a construction and general contracting background and knows first hand what separates a superior apartment building from those not up to his standards. He takes a hands-on approach to Panoramic Properties to instill the company qualities of pride, integrity, quality, and conscientiousness into every employee.

So, what do you get when you decide to move to a community like Sudbury for an extended stay or as a permanent move? You will first need to determine what kind of housing unit you need. A single person will be quite satisfied with a one or two-bedroom apartment like the 1140 Ramsey View Court apartments. The utilities are included so you won’t need to huddle in blankets to save money in the cold Canadian winters. These apartments offer 750 square feet of living area for a one-bedroom unit (850 square feet for a two-bedroom unit). This location is within a 10-minute drive to Laurentian University and Bell Park.

A larger family may require a house rental and Panoramic Properties can help you find that perfect townhouse or full-size house that will give you plenty of room to work and play. The locations are convenient to shopping centers, restaurants and fast food places where a quick meal will go a long way to appease your kids.

The staff at Panoramic Properties is there to help you with every step of your move or extended stays in Sudbury. But if Sudbury is not your destination, remember that Panoramic Properties can help you move into many other locations in Canada including Niagara Falls, Mississauga or Ottawa, and others.

To see what is available for a permanent move or extended stays in Sudbury or another Canadian location, you will need to call Panoramic Properties at one 855-371-1201 or use the online form to send a message to our friendly staff.  To avoid that waiting list, act quickly, and you will soon be able to reside in your new apartment home.

Extended Stays Sudbury
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