Furnished Apartment For Rent Sudbury

Furnished Apartment For Rent Sudbury

Moving is a pain in the posterior for most people. A life change such as a job change, a change in marital status, retirement or the need to move into a less expensive place are all reasons to move.

The distance and the number of possessions to move will add to the cost. A move to a nearby location with relatively few belongings is easily accomplished with a few friends, a rented moving truck and a promise of pizza and beer when the move is complete. Long distance moves for a family with a lot of furniture will cost significantly more as a professional moving company will be needed to load and unload, transport and possibly store household items.

Moving from one apartment to another has its own set of issues to deal with. You will need to leave your old apartment in good condition to recover your deposit, and you may have to pay the first and last month rent plus a security deposit at the new apartment. You will also need to decide if you are going to move your old furniture or not as the cost of moving it may exceed the value of your worn-out bed, sofa, and recliner.

After donating your old stuff to the Salvation Army, you drive off to your new destination and then are faced with a new dilemma: To buy new furniture or rent out a furnished apartment.

If your new destination is Ontario, the first call you will want to make is to Panoramic Properties LLC to check out available unfurnished or furnished apartment for rent in Sudbury.

Furnished, Unfurnished or Semi furnished?

The pros of the furnished apartment for rent in Sudbury are that you won’t have to move that heavy sofa and you won’t have to make a panicked trip to a furniture store for dining room chairs that were lost or damaged by the movers. Fully furnished means that your window treatments (curtains, blinds, etc.) are in place and your kitchen should have the basics for cooking a meal the first day you move in.

The primary drawback is that you will pay about 10% to 15% higher rent for an “average” fully furnished apartment. A secondary con is that you may dislike the in-place furnishings chosen by the unit owner to make sure that you have a picture of your new dwelling before you move in.

Another apartment rental option is the semi-furnished apartment that has the basic furniture like a sofa, dining room set and a bed but little more. You will still need to move your big screen TV and perhaps your favorite chair, but you will have more options to decorate with your old furnishings. And you are free to add new furnishings to compliment any décor.

Finally, if your move happens to be to Sudbury, Panoramic Properties offers apartments for any situation from a bachelor pad to a fully furnished three-bedroom house. Panoramic Properties has been helping people find their homes since 1995 so give us a call at one 855-371-1201 or use our online form to send us a message letting us know how we can help you find that perfect place.

Furnished Apartment For Rent Sudbury
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