Apartment Rental Listings Sudbury

Apartment Rental Listings Sudbury

Things to Do and Finding Apartment Rental Listings in Sudbury

Planning to go to Sudbury this weekend? If you haven’t been to the place, then there’s a lot of cool things that await you.

Greater Sudbury is Northern Ontario’s largest city, not to mention that it is composed of multiple cultures. You’ll meet a lot of different people from different regions like French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Finnish, and even aboriginal communities.

Although the city’s center is already highly urbanized, several green lands and lakes are scattered around the area. It is perfect for strolling and connecting with Mother Nature. Also, if you don’t have anywhere to stay for the weekend, you can check some apartment rental listings in Sudbury to ensure you don’t miss anything. So, if you’re excited to see what Sudbury is, let me give you a quick tour on what to expect in the city.

Leisure Parks

The Bell Park is Greater Sudbury’s prized leisure park. It was named after an early lumber baron who donated the land after his death. This place is perfect for quiet strolling and sightseeing. You can also explore around and check out a couple of flower beds, gazebos, and visit some of the finest sculptures dedicated to the city’s mining heritage. You can also watch entertaining events at the amphitheater. The park is also connected to several other places you can visit such as lakes, museums, and trails.

High Falls and Hiking Trails

Simply the most interesting waterfalls in Ontario. The Onaping High Falls or just High Falls (as the locals call it), is a cascading 55-meter waterfall with amazing scenic view. If you’re into hiking and walking trails, this would be on the top of your “to-go” list.  The best way to enjoy the view is to follow the trail going to A.Y. Jackson Lookout. It provides you with an amazing view of the High Falls connecting to the Sudbury Basin, an impact crater that was believed to be over 2 billion years old. You can take pictures, see the sights, and enjoy the smell of fresh air. You can also check some of the most interesting rock formations near the falls. Even if you’re not into collecting rocks, you’ll find these rock formations mesmerizing.


The fun never stops even after sundown. Sudbury is well-known to have the largest well-groomed snowmobiling trails not only in Ontario but rest of the world. There’s a trail of over 1,200 kilometers that connects surrounding communities to the city. Not only that you’ll enjoy the thrill of snowmobiling, but you can also check the beautiful sceneries around several communities. You can also stay in lodges along the trail. If you want hot food and relax under a steaming hot tub, there’s always a place to go.

These are just some of the things you can do in Sudbury. There’s a lot of other places to explore and the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re planning a holiday visit in Sudbury, you might want to check out apartment rental listings in Sudbury to prevent any delays. If you want to find out more interesting places to visit or check for places to stay, you can call Panoramic Properties at 1-855-819-6904 or visit

Apartment Rental Listings Sudbury
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Apartment Rental Listings Sudbury