Rentals Sudbury

Rentals Sudbury

Finding Real Home with Rentals in Sudbury

Home to over 150,000 people, Sudbury, Ontario is considered the largest city in the northern part of the province. With the average citizen of Sudbury around the age of 42 and many people working in service fields like education or healthcare, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are a large number of families living within the city.

With a variety of schooling options and many things to do within the city, Sudbury is a wonderful place to raise a family. There’s a great established network for families and parents with children to stay connected and provide things for their children to do. The city also has public or Catholic schooling options in both English and French, making it a great place for your family regardless of what language you speak. There’s also a variety of parks and other entertainment for your family to enjoy on the weekends.

Renting is Definitely an Option

One of the largest obstacles in raising any family is deciding where to call home. With the current economy and average homes costing well into the $200,000s to purchase and the ever-increasing cost of living within much of Canada, many families are left with only the option to rent a home for their family.

Of course, the excitement of finding a place for your family to call home quickly becomes a headache when websites are difficult to navigate and searches on foot for rental homes turn up fruitless. Especially for much of Sudbury’s working middle-class families, time is a precious commodity, and many who are searching for their next apartment home do not want to waste any of the little spare time they have turning over rocks to try to find a place to call home.

Apartments can become cramped and don’t provide ample space for a growing family to stretch out and take roots. Furthermore, the apartment lifestyles of many don’t match up to the understanding that your family needs help in making the connections within the city.

Panoramic Properties is the One to Trust

If you are one of these people looking for rentals in Sudbury, may it be a house or townhouse to call home, Panoramic Properties is just what you've been searching to find. In business since the 1990s, we own properties and complexes all over Ontario. Our rentals in Sudbury offer many options, meaning you will find something to meet your needs.

With a variety of styles, locations, and the option for short-term or long-term units to make your own, Panoramic Properties will have a unit to fit your needs under nearly any circumstance. From upwards of $1300 per month for townhouses or starting at just over $1000 for a house, rental rates can be found to fit nearly any budget as well. With options in either 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom rentals, Panoramic has just the size you need for your family to call home.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and browse all our available rental homes in Sudbury.

Rentals Sudbury
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Rentals Sudbury