3 Bedroom Apartments Sudbury

3 Bedroom Apartments Sudbury

Panoramic Properties Presents 3 Bedroom Apartments in Sudbury

Panoramic Properties broker is one of the most successful real estate agencies in Canada, providing affordable, accessible, and comfortable living in popular communities and locales across Canada. Not only do we offer people true homes and a better quality of life for the individual, but we also promote strong and self-sufficient communities. Our customer base, now in the thousands, is comprised of students, young professionals, families, couples, and people from all walks of life, each of which is completely satisfied with the value they get from their respective rental residences, as well as from their community.

The Community of Sudbury

Houses, townhouses, and apartments are all available for rent and listed on the Panoramic Properties website, with dozens of choices in each of its communities. Whether it’s a small studio in Ottawa, a family-sized unit in Mississauga, or a bachelor pad in the heart of Thorold, our agency lists properties all across Canada. Our constantly growing yet constantly developed communities include properties in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Wallaceburg, Welland, and one of their best-reviewed communities, Sudbury.

Sudbury has always been a popular area for residential projects. Its town centers are far from overcrowded, making living conditions far easier and less daunting without sacrificing the ease and accessibility of urban living. The area is home to two local theatre groups, regularly providing and promoting local productions. Sudbury is also home to a growing student community, with students from all over choosing to enroll in one of the many educational institutions in the area. With schools and services readily available, Sudbury becomes an even more attractive option considering that infrastructure will always be available especially to cater to the needs of those pursuing education.

What We Offer

In Sudbury alone, there are eight (8) apartment buildings offering rental units for all kinds of customers. Commodore Apartments is a high-rise apartment building offering bachelor, or studio-type units, 1-bedroom units, and 2-bedroom units, with rent rates starting at $945. The Regent Residence is a mid-rise with much of the same options and services, but with the added feature of being one of the few to accommodate 3 bedroom apartments in Sudbury. The starting price at the Regent Residence is also $945. Lakeshore Manor in Sudbury is another high-rise, with prices starting at $945, progressively increasing depending on the rental type, of which  Bachelor, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom deluxe, 2-bedroom deluxe, and 3-bedroom deluxe are all available. The Southend Apartment Complex is another high-rise that features more spacious environments, featuring Bachelor units, 1-bedroom units, 2-bedroom deluxe, 2-bedroom units, and 2+ bedroom units, with prices starting at $995. Other communities include Nepahwin Villa, Luxury Hyland Place Apartments, Tiffany Place, and Luxury Southend Apartments DEF.

If you’re a student looking for a nice quiet community, a young professional looking for accessible and convenient living spaces, a couple looking for their first home, or a family looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Sudbury, Panoramic Properties has definitely something in store for you. For any inquiries or applications, please contact our company using our toll-free number: 1-855-604-8435, or contact us via email using the following contact form.

3 Bedroom Apartments Sudbury
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3 Bedroom Apartments Sudbury