Short stay apartments Sudbury

Short stay apartments Sudbury

Short stay apartments are rooms or studio type of space rented for a short period. This is most convenient for students in colleges or those doing their researches in a specific place, or professionals whose work is always on the go. It can also be helpful if you want to cut down on your travel time and prefer to live near your office.

With Panoramic Properties, our short stay apartments in Sudbury have wide choices to choose from. Our prices are affordable to help out those who are in a budget situation. We also have luxurious spaces for those who are looking for pleasure and want to stay in our elegant short stay apartments.

Furnished vs. Not Furnished Apartments

Before you decide which one to rent, you can take a look for the comparison of renting between furnished and unfurnished home.

Furnished short stay apartments will have appliances and furniture when you move in. You cut down time for shopping for these items. With unfurnished apartments, you need to bring your old things, arrange for move in trucks and find time arranging it in your place.

Another downside of furnished apartments is that you don’t get to decorate on your own. It may take rearranging everything inside if you want to make any changes. Unlike an unfurnished one, you arrive in space. You work from scratch which is a lot easier.

The rental fees involved in furnished apartments are quite expensive since most of the appliances provided by your landlords are high-quality brands. Unfurnished places can be cheaper, but of course, you also consider other expenses as part of it. These are shopping for the appliances, furniture and other needs that may arise during your stay.

The liability of leasing a furnished apartment is higher. This is because of the furniture and appliances present in the place. It is risky for some people with kids. They are required to pay any damages that may occur during their stay there. With the unfurnished flat, there will be less accountability on your part.

Space can be an issue too. This is because you are not in control of the type of furniture and appliances when you move in. On the contrary, with unfurnished rooms, you are free of whatever you want to put in. You can even make it as simple and minimalist as you can.

Stress-Free Stay for You

Panoramic Properties offer semi-furnished and fully furnished short stay apartments in Sudbury. To make it more of an enjoyable stay, we provide facilities available in your apartment. We have a reliable maintenance team that you can call anytime there is a problem in your apartment.

Laundry facility is provided too. So even if you’re busy, someone can take care of your dirty clothes.

A parking space is also reserved for each leaseholder.

To help you decide which one of our apartments you are going to get, you can start browsing our gallery found on our website. Call our toll free number 1-855-371-1201 and talk with our sales team.

Short stay apartments Sudbury
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Short stay apartments Sudbury