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  • To Whom it May Concern, I just wanted to give a special thank you as well as compliment the hard work of my now Resident Manager, Jezebel, and Superintendent, Roger, at the Panoramic Properties' Baseline Court Apartments located in Ottawa. They have made my move-in process smooth, welcoming, and an overall pleasant experience. Not only was the apartment in pristine condition, but they have been available to answer all of my immediate questions and address any of my concerns in a timely and efficient manner. I am thrilled to be renting with them for the next while and do not plan on relocating until I am ready to purchase a home. Their kindness and helpfulness exceeded beyond my expectations and I wanted to ensure head office was aware of their efforts. Kind regards

    ~ Leah
  • I just wanted to thank you and your staff for giving me a great place to live this past year. I moved in under unfortunate circumstances and both the staff (the property manager, the ground keepers/maintenance/cleaning crew and Jim) and the other tenants have made this place my home. I will be forever grateful for that and would highly recommend Westgate Village as a safe and pleasurable place to be.  While I am excited for this new beginning, I am sad to say good-bye to the people that I have met along the way. 

    ~ Kaley
  • I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Panoramic Properties and the men who worked in the cold weather for getting the lawns cleaned up in St. Catharines. Thank you so much for cleaning up! 

    ~ Jan
  • The person who came to complete the work order was attentive and did a good job in completing the service.

    ~ Alexander
  • Bruce was definitely a pleasant gentleman who was able to complete the work order. Thank you.

    ~ Donna
  • The problems were repaired fast and we are quite satisfied 

    ~ Fred
  • Very prompt response, courteous and friendly staff.

    ~ Lance
  • My AC had multiple problems Robert was able to coordinate the correct people with the problem and resolve the last issue himself. Great job!

    ~ Carolyn
  • Door handle repaired next morning when i went for my walk. Thanks

    ~ Len
  • Thank you for replacing my washing machine. It works great!

    ~ Millie
  • Thank you for repairing the light on the west side stairwell, 5th flr.

    ~ Heather
  • Derrick was very courteous and efficient. The job was done promptly and to my complete satisfaction.

    ~ Rose
  • Employes here are always happy and smiling, a joy to have around

    ~ Jaqueline
  • The agent gave me all the information that I require and even offer to place my name on the waiting list

    ~ Luke
  • I would like to take this opportunity to state that I am not moving out because of any problems I had with my tenancy. To the contrary, Tom has been a very friendly and pleasant superintendent to deal with, any interactions I have had with your administrative staff have been constructive and professional, and the apartment suited my needs very well for the time I have spent here. Thank you very much for providing me with a pleasant and problem-free tenancy. I will be sure to speak positively about my experience in the future.

    ~ Jhon
  • Dear Bev and Panoramic Properties, we have enjoyed our stay here. The maintenance here is excellent as soon as we sent a work order; someone was here to act on it. We are going to miss Bev, she is an excellent Superintendent.

    ~ Claire
  • I'm a tenant of Panoramic Property, I would like the owner to know that I really enjoy living here. My initial impression of the Panoramic staff was not positive. However, I chose to stay because of the location of the property.  With my decision to move out and downsize after one year lease, I spoke with Donna at the office. With her help and support along the way, I decided to release. Special thanks to Donna for all the help and hospitality since being assigned to my new unit.  When I dealt with her, She was very helpful, she was very professional, kind, informative and friendly. She went out of the way to take care of me。 I highly recommend her to other potential tenants and the owner. She can be a great manager!  And special thanks to the maintenance group! Thank you guys for taking such good care of the buildings! Detail matters!  Thanks again! Yoyo

    ~ Yoyo
  • Stephanie answered my emails promptly and I meeting with her tomorrow to view the apartment. Thanks

    ~ Jason
  • Thank you for removing quickly the snow on our roof with efficiency

    ~ Veronique
  • Stephanie was very nice in showing my daughter an apartment today.

    ~ Life
  • It was all fixed quick

    ~ Cindy
  • Thank You for the quick response to my work order.

    ~ Taylor
  • Vic is always helpful and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor- he is a great employee and well liked here at lakeshore manor

    ~ Cj
  • Block heater power looked after right away. Stephanie got back to us quickly. Thanks for the service. 

    ~ Linda
  • Great service !! The repair guy was very nice and efficent

    ~ Chrissy
  • The gentleman was courteous friendly and had the problem resolved in no time at all.

    ~ Ron
  • The younger lady you sent was extremely professional, kind and courteous

    ~ Josh
  • You all certainly did brighten the holidays for many this season. Thank you so much for your kindness!

    ~ Women's Place of South Niagara Inc.
  • I have enjoyed this apartment and most important Mr Tom Ford. He is not only a good human being but an excellent worker

    ~ Janice
  • On behalf of myself and my family we truly thank Angelo Butera and his management team for the professional customer service and work at Lasalle Park and a sincere thank you for this gift to the tenants of 735 LaSalle Blvd.

    ~ George
  • Lori gave me the required information and replied to my email very quickly

    ~ Vanessa
  • Jezebel was very helpful and outstanding with her service

    ~ Kelvin
  • Stephanie was very helpful and responded in a timely manner. My roommate and I are optimistic about the properties we will view in the near future.

    ~ Sheri
  • Thank you for being so quick to complete this!

    ~ Lulu
  • Very professional & listened to my concerns. Thank you

    ~ Lulu
  • Thank you for the quick service. Much appreciated.

    ~ Ruth
  • Excellent response time..thanks again!

    ~ Marlene
  • The renovations at 375 Scott street are amazing. You have done a wonderful job! The maintenance guy who showed us the apartment was very helpful and very polite.

    ~ Kali
  • I recently moved my senior dad, John Klenik, and a friend from a house to a Panoramic apartment on Nesbitt Drive in Sudbury and had the pleasure of working with Donna Vivian for this process. Since I live far from Sudbury and had to do some things in person and some by email, Donna made everything so easy for us, answered many questions concerning the rental and move and made it an enjoyable experience for all of us. Donna was very accommodating towards my dad and since the move has stopped to check on him a couple of times. Certainly something above her job description. Donna's enthusiasm and love for her job is evident in everything she does and I truly appreciate all her efforts in helping us with this move, especially since it was my dad's first move in 52 years and he was very nervous about the whole thing. Thank you to Donna and Panoramic Properties for this positive experience!  

    ~ Susan
  • Thank you so much I appreciate it!!! I think you are all awesome I couldn't ask for a better landlord. And just and Fyi Bruce the maintenance guy is so amazingly friendly and really great customer service I hope he gets recognition such a wonderful man.

    ~ Rosa
  • We had excellent service and look forward to being a tenant with you.

    ~ Ishrat
  • 0ur work order has been completed. Thanks for the speedy work well done

    ~ Mary
  • Every representative of your company has been so amenable to work with, on behalf of Bob and myself I wanted to thank you for all your company has done.

    ~ Heather
  • Dear Angelo, we would like to thank you for getting our side of the building looking so nice. I know you have made sacrifices for us and we appreciate everything you do for us! I am sure it can't be easy pleasing everyone

    ~ Sylvia
  • For personal reasons I have to move to a different city, but I had a very good time here! Thank you very much for offering me such a beautiful place and excellent service.

    ~ Aishu
  • At this time, I would like to thank you for keeping this building in such good repair. Tony, our super, is especially good at responding immediately to problems, and for keeping the grounds looking great!

    ~ Judy
  • Great place, good maintenance, easy rental payment options, good location in Sudbury

    ~ Carleigh
  • Claude did a professional and great job as usual. Even gave me tips on how to keep the drainage cleared. He is a super employee for Panoramic!

    ~ Anonymous
  • As for Panoramic Properties, you all have been nothing but great people providing very nice apartments! I am very impressed with the facilities and will definitely be recommending them to others who think of moving here :)

    ~ Dawson
  • Thank you for providing such a great event at the Caruso on Dec 14, I had a wonderful time and so did my friends and the rest of the people. it was gracious of you to do this. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year.

    ~ Rosemarie
  • Just want to thank Panoramic and their super maintenance men that are working at 375 Scott Street...  Thank you for my new and improved for my new washroom...  It is beautiful...  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! 

    ~ Connie
  • I wanted to send Panomaric Properties a thank for a wonderful dinner and evening. It was a very nice evening. Thank you to everyone.  

    ~ Jennifer
  • Angelo, On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  You truly went above and beyond last night.  The food was absolutely delicious.  The decor and entertainment top rate. Truly a memorable evening. May you, your family and dedicated Management Team have a Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

    ~ Muriel, Dave & Matthew
  • Hey Joanne and Fred, just want to thank you guys for being great superintendents.You are not only that but you are great people. I thank my lucky stars that when I made my transition from a house to an apt, that I encountered 2 of the kindest people I have ever met. Thanks for all the nice things you have done and said. The nice chat and for making me feel welcomed here. Just had to take the time to say a giant THANK YOU. 

    ~ Deb
  • Hello, I am a resident at 3421 Weinbrenner. I just wanted to pay a compliment to your super intendents . I have never in my life seen or had super intendents like them. They take so much out of their time to help people as soon as they ask for it. I text Joanne with a issue and her and Freddie instantly respond and meet with us to help fix it. You always see them walking from apartment to apartment helping and making residents laugh. They are very reliable and professional but treat you like family at the same time. Good job at finding such amazing people!

    ~ Joscelyne and Mathew
  • Good morning Mr Raso, thank you for your exceptional prompt service. Have a great day!   

    ~ Jacqueline 
  • I would like to pass along how happy and impressed my wife and I are about Joanne and Fred at 3401 Weinbrenner. I have never seen anyone work so hard and they do the most amazing job here.

    ~ Jim
  • Sonia, Jim, Amy and Lori, Thank you so much for working together to ensure our unit was rented for April 1st. We appreciate your amazing team work!

    ~ Andrea
  • Thank you thank you thank you for all your support over the years and being such great landlords. I have enjoyed my time at Cushman Rd.

    ~ Ashley
  • Thank you so much for your help Natalino Raso you have been so great and I'll make sure that I tell people how great you've been with me and how helpful you have been.

    ~ Kelly
  • I Live at 2200 Sherobee Rd in Mississauga, and just wanted to let you know that your team did a beautiful job decorating the lobby for Christmas. Thank you

    ~ Cyndi
  • I leased unit 124 at 695 Wallace Street in Wallaceburg from Oct 1,2015 - Sept 30,2016 and i just want to compliment you on the service provided by Matthew - the Building Manager at 750 Wallace Street. If it wasn't for Matthew being there on call, our stay at the townhouse would have been truly horrible. Matthew is very personable guy and provides the best service he can. I feel if Matthew ever leave your company you would truly loss a great worker.

    ~ Brian
  • I have been meaning to write for some time regarding your excellent hire of Fred and Joanne Phair. They are hard-working and diligent in keeping the buildings and grounds clean and neat. I find them to be personable, and fair and prompt when there is an issue or help needed. They make it a pleasure to live here . I hope they are here for a long time

    ~ Lynn
  • Thank you Natalino Raso for all your support! You made everything easy for us!

    ~ Ashley
  • I have enjoyed my stay and appreciated the prompt maintenance service at the property very much and I would not hesitate to recommend it. The value far exceeds any property i have rented.

    ~ Rick
  • I just wanted to say that I'm so very pleased with Joanne and Fred as superintendent in my building. They are very approachable and friendly, keep the property clean in and outside. When I sent in a request for something to be fixed he was here the next day and finished the job appropriately. Hopefully they'll be staying for a long time

    ~ Cynthia
  • Norm and I, as residents of Panoramic, thank Angelo Butera and his team for the comfortable luxury units recently built in Sudbury. Since October 2015, we have enjoyed and continue to benefit from the improvements to the property.   We highly appreciate Paula Peroni and staff on Nesbitt Drive for their courteous and professional manner when dealing with requests and concerns.   We are grateful to L.Vormittag, Administrator, for the memo reminding dog owners of etiquette to be followed on Panoramic Properties. Norm and I have noticed a significant improvement.

    ~ Norm
  • I really enjoyed my time in the building and Sue is one of the kindest people I've met. Thank you so much

    ~ Daman
  • we reside at 1310D Nesbitt Drive, and I just want to thank you for installing the grab bar for us in the shower stall. Your quick and courteous attention is much appreciated. All your workers here are polite and friendly and we are enjoying our new home.

    ~ Louise
  • Thank you for your support in this matter and your organization's continued excellence in providing a clean and safe environment. I have enjoyed my time and relationship with Panoramic and would recommend them in the future to my friends and family.

    ~ Michael
  • With this being my last few hours in the office at Baseline Court Apartments, I'd like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team. I have enjoyed my experience here and learned a few things here and there. Although the work is high demanding at times, it was always a pleasure to work with Nicole, Brian, Lewis and the crew. All such helpful and fine examples of team players. I'd also like for you to pass on to Jayne for all her help and guidance while I was learning the ropes during the period I was filling in for Nicole's holiday.  Again I have enjoyed my experience both as a resident and as a member of the Panoramic team!  

    ~ Cheryl
  • Just a note to say that I have spent a good 11 years at Concorde Place...thanks. The up keeping of the hallways,laundry room. exterior, landscape, etc. has always been cleaned and well kept.

    ~ Lucienne
  • Since Panoramic purchased the building last year they have been working nonstop repairing and upgrading the building. I'm constantly running into the workers employed by Panoramic and i can honestly say they have been all extremely polite, friendly,and respectful. In addition to all the cleaning Sue does in and around the building she constantly goes over above the call over duty by helping other tenants. One of the nicest things i have observed on a few occasion is that Sue on her way to check on a elderly tenant that she has seen in a few days. Sue takes pride in her work, where she lives and most importantly she really cares about the tenants in the building.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My family enjoyed the nice living conditions and great people here in the building and thank you for the timely help and support!

    ~ Jane
  • Thanks so much Nicole; Cara will drop in today. The Apartment worked out very nicely and I would recommend your Bldgs highly. Also the service provided by yourself and others who worked there was much better than standard for sure.

    ~ Joanne
  • I want you to know that I truly enjoyed my tenancy with Panoramic, at 246 Lakeshore. I have made some great friends there, and everyone certainly helps each other out. A great community!

    ~ Jane
  • Dear Panoramic Properties Inc., Please extend my thanks to the maintenance staff who got the lights working in the back parking lot of the building…..Thank you for your good work. It is much appreciated. I am very happy to be a tenant here with you as owners. Yours truly, William   

    ~ William
  • Dear, Panoramic Properties Inc., I am a current tenant and I would like to give credit where credit is due.I have resided here for a couple of years now and through the transition of new ownership I feel that this place has not looked and been ran so well since I moved here! I feel it extremely overdue and important.Since taking over in February of this year it has been quite busy and interesting around here.The grounds and common spaces are super clean and well taken care of, the maintenance has never been better and the young couple Andrew and Chantel that take care of everything are absolutely wonderful!! 

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Panoramic Properties Inc.,  This is to say that Marty & Vicki have made us feel welcome. They work hard to make sure the building is clean and that any repairs are done to perfection. We are so impressed and plan on living here a long time. We also want to express our Thanks to Vickie for decorating the lobby for every season of the year, it makes the ambiance so inviting. Thank you so much for everything. Wayne & Sure

    ~ Wayne & Sue
  • Dear, Panoramic Properties Inc. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. The property looked fantastic all summer and fall long. Robert the superintendent has done a tremendous job keeping the place clean and is on top of any request that I have made. Just wanted to let you know. David.

    ~ David
  • Dear, Panoramic Properties Inc. We love living here. Vickie & Marty keep the building very well kept, up early everyday to clean, decorate the lobby beautifully for every season/holiday and are extremely friendly and helpful. Joe & Trish.

    ~ Joe & Trish
  • Panoramic Properties Inc. - Advertising Managers Great team work with you, you're always wonderful to work with. Thank you,  Jamie - Renters Guide Magazine/Wall to Wall Media  

    ~ Renters Guide Magazine - Panoramic Properties Inc.
  • Dear Baseline Court Apartments,  I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. The upkeep in the building is AMAZING! I can't thank you enough for making this past year so easy and enjoyable! Thanks! Elissa - Baseline Court Ottawa Apartments.

    ~ Elissa
  • To Panoramic Properties Inc,  I moved into Baseline Court Apartments on August 1st and it's been a great experience so far. The staff was exceptional when it came to helping me move in my things. Not only did they help me, but they did it with a smile on their face. Nicole who is the Property Supervisor made the transition smooth and was very kind to me along the way. The property is clean and the landscape is very well-kept. I've noticed more trees have been planted as well which is great because it reminds me of growing up in the country. Keep up the good work! Chrisoula 

    ~ Chrisoula
  • Hello, This is Shellie from 2200 Sherobee Road, Mississauga. I just wanted to let you know how glad we are that we have a new superintendent. Alvin is incredible! We noticed a complete turn around in just a day or so. We have both met Alvin and he seems like a very down to earth genuine person. We just wanted to let you know we are very pleased and very grateful. Thank you, Shellie & Todd - 2200 Sherobee Road Mississauga Apartments.

    ~ Shellie & Todd
  • Thank you for the speedy repair at number 17 Bradmon Drive. Robert the superintendent is awesome and dealt with my problem so quickly. Much appreciated. Heather - 30 Bradmon Drive Townhomes.

    ~ Heather
  • To Whom It May Concern: I want to thank you for your kind and generous letter. My daughter and I have immensely enjoyed living here at 30 Bradmon Drive and have found it to be a wonderful place to live and call home. Mary - 30 Bradmon Dr, St Catharines Apartments.

    ~ Mary - Westgate Village Apartments
  • To: Panoramic Properties Inc. Thank you for making us feel at home in your beautiful homes. Sincerely, Teresa - Welland Woods Townhomes - St Catharines  

    ~ Teresa - Welland Woods Townhomes
  • Just a few lines to tell you what a great job Chris (The painter) did on repairing and painting our bathroom. He is a good worker and takes price in what he does, cleaning up after he was finished, everything was neat and clean when finished. You are very fortunate to have people like Chris working for you, good help is hard to find these days. We would rate Chris EXCELLENT. Chris is also polite and courteous. Mr & Mrs Cunningham - 155 Hagar St, Welland Apartments

    ~ Mr & Mrs Cunningham - Concorde Apartments
  • Good Afternoon Nicole, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to express my appreciation for the assistance given to me by Azad, last evening 10 April 2014.  He went well above and beyond his job requirement and more so his sense of community.  As you know I'm a Canadian Soldier severely wounded during the Afghan war and have been sent to school for retraining as I am no longer employable in the scope of soldier.  It is because I am taking Law at Algonquin College that I selected to reside at your Baseline Apartments the location was perfect and they are well kept and secure for a single woman. When I came out of class last evening at 06:45pm to discover that my gas tank had been siphoned and I was out of gas, needless to say I was quite devastated. Knowing very few people the only one I could think to call was you, but I got Azad. I told him what had happened and without question his words to me were 'I got you'.  Half an hour later he at my car putting in enough to get me to a gas station and would not accept any consideration what so ever for it.  I was so moved by his gesture to basically an acquaintance. I moved here 1 August 2013. The kindness, friendliness and respect I receive from yourself, Brian, Russel, Sebastien and the rest of the staff are impeccable. In an odd way Baseline Apartments has become my community, my home, my family.  From the lady next door that enjoys a chuckle when she hears my yorkies bark to greet me when I come home, to the friendly dog owner community that know each other's pets by name and walk together.  the stranger that cleans my car off of snow because I'm studying. This is what a community is.  This is what Baseline Apartments is and I hope it stays.  It will be a sad day for me if there comes a time that I have to leave. Please pass on my gratitude to Azad. He helped in ways that cannot be expressed. Cheryl - Baseline Court Apartments - Ottawa

    ~ Cheryl - Baseline Court Apartments
  • Thank you for the info on various properties. I look forward to viewing some of the suites. Your company Panoramic Properties Inc. came to me highly rated by a friend. Thank you so much! Philip - Prospective tenant

    ~ Philip - Prospective tenant
  • Panoramic Properties Inc,  We just wanted to call in and say thank you for an excellent job done in our unit recently. Service who took care of our Work Order request, were very prompt and we especially appreciate their kindness. The paint job that was needed was done very quickly, professionally and beautifully. We are very happy with the end result. Thank you, Marie - Hagar St Welland Apartments.

    ~ Marie - Concorde Place Apartments
  • Working with Panoramic Properties Inc. has been a delight since day one. We rely on  their advertising managers to review the SEO blog articles we help write for Panoramic Properties Inc.They are personable, well organized and dependable. We hope to continue working with Panoramic Properties Inc for years to come! Steve Ballantyne  - Neighbourhood Buzz

    ~ Neighbourhood Buzz - Panoramic Properties Inc.
  • To whom it may concern, I wish to express my greatest appreciation to Panoramic Properties Inc., in particular Dave Rogers, Steve and Jamie who are managing the property at 735 LaSalle Blvd in Sudbury. I recently returned to live in Sudbury closer to my work place. Dave Rogers accommodated me in the midst of renovations. There was some urgency on my part to secure a place to live and the Lasalle Blvd site only 3 kilometres from my office was the best choice for me. Dave arranged for me to live for 2 months in a unit scheduled for renovation while the unit I'm now in was being renovated. This solved my problem and I am grateful to Dave Rogers for accommodating me. Dave is very friendly, kind and professional. The eventual transition from units in January was seamless, made easy by the support and attention paid by these men. I was treated respectfully and felt welcome by Steve and Jamie who are very attentive in regards to making sure everything was taken care of and I was satisfied in the renovated unit. The renovated unit is superb, beyond my expectations and very comfortable. The team at the LaSalle property are available, approachable and very professional. I am extremely grateful for their help and professionalism as it made my transition back to Sudbury so much easier. Please extend my appreciation to your team. Regards, Allan – Lasalle Blvd Townhomes

    ~ Allan - Lasalle Townhomes
  • Dear, Panoramic Properties Inc. Please extend our appreciation to Mr. Claude for the prompt and attention service we receive whenever we have a problem and submit a work order. George & Donna - 1720 Paris Street Apartments (Lakeshore Manor).

    ~ George & Donna - Lakeshore Manor Apartments
  • Dear, Panoramic Properties Inc. Please pass along my sincere thanks to the team that prepared my unit ahead of my move in. I sincerely appreciate all the hard work that went into having it ready for me. Tyler - 2200 Sherobee Rd, Mississauga Apartments.

    ~ Tyler - Sherobee Rd Mississauga
  • Dianne (on-site management), Welcome to your new adventure. Good luck in the new phase of your life here at 2200 Sherobee Rd, Mississauga, Ontario. Keep up the hard work, it has not gone unnoticed! Jill - Sherobee Rd, Mississauga Apartments.  

    ~ Jill - Sherobee Rd, Mississauga
  • To Whom it May Concern, I would like to let you know that the outside of the building looks great! It is really refreshing to see that finally someone has taken interest in the appearance of the building. The two men you have doing the landscaping have done a beautiful job!  Anna - 2200 Sherobee Rd, Mississauga Apartments.

    ~ Anna - Sherobee Rd Mississauga
  • Panoramic Properties, Last week I came into the office at 1815 Baseline Road Ottawa for an apartment showing. I met with a young lady named Dianne and just wanted to inform you of how impressed I was with her pleasant manner. She spent an hour going through different apartments with me and she made me feel as if I was alrady home. I just wanted to say thank you. I am very impressed and would recommend your apartments to all my friends. Sara - 1785-1815 Baseline Rd, Ottawa Apartments.

    ~ Sara - Baseline Court Apartments
  • To Whom it May Concern: Just a note to tell you how grateful I am & the tenants of Lakeshore Manor for the nice sidewalk and entrance that the workers did, it was prompt work. Thank you so much, I am so grateful!!  Fern - Lakeshore Manor - 1720 Paris St Sudbury - Lakeshore Manor Apartments.

    ~ Fern - Lakeshore Manor Sudbury
  • Panoramic Properties, I have met with both Nicole and Diane. I am very impressed and delighted with them. Refreshing, polite and cheerful. An absolute pleasure to be around. Thank you again and I love the apartment. Cheryl  - 1785-1815 Baseline Court Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Cheryl - Baseline Court Apartments
  • Panoramic Properties, It has been my pleasure being a tenant at this property. The Superintendents have been very professional and courteous with an excellent job performance by maintaining the facility. Thank you, Ron - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartments - Riverview Towers.

    ~ Ron - Wallace Street
  • Whatever you update in your apartments, it is always superior quality and meticulous, it shows how much you care for your tenants needs, you're making Sudbury a better place to live! Lillian - Sudbury Apartments/Townhomes.

    ~ Lillian - Sudbury
  • In a time when complaints are launched, I would like to send a compliment. We live in Nepawin Villa in Sudbury. So many times when we have guests they have complimented the cleanliness of our building. Even when the weather is bad and salt is used outside the building, it is vacuumed up quite promptly. The halls and entrance area are always clean and neat. Sandra - 1904 Paris St, Sudbury - Nepahwin Villa Apartments.

    ~ Sandra - 1904 Paris Street
  • Dear Management Team, I will be vacating my apartment soon and have rented apartments across Canada from one coast to another and have never been upset to feel I am part of a family until I rented my apartment here. From day one Viki & Marty both have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and like I am one of this larger family. Don't ever let these two people go as they make this building what it is. It might just be an apartment but those two make it feel like a home. If I ever decided to move back to Wallaceburg, it will be Riverview Towers Apartments I will come too. Sincerely, Paul - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartments - Riverview Towers.

    ~ Paul - Wallace Street
  • Good morning Santo - just leaving to go back to Guelph and wanted to thank you again for your professional and warm assistance to my daughter yesterday, in securing an apartment for her for May 1st.  I will be calling Lori first thing on Monday to conclude with credit card payment.  We are both thrilled, and I feel very secure in knowing she is in a good place to live, with good people who actually care about the work they are doing, and who they are renting to etc. Please accept my profound gratitude as a parent for your hard work on our behalf. Take care and all the best - Ann - 30 Bradmon Dr, St Catharines - Westgate Village Apartments.

    ~ Ann - Bradmon Drive
  • Hi, You have got to be the most efficient company I know to respond to email - thanks for the information and for the exceptional service! I also phoned and spoke to the receptionist and she was also very helpful to answer questions I presented. Thanks again for your very quick reply and have a great weekend ahead. Elaine - Rental email inquiry - Panoramic Properties Apartments & Townhouses.

    ~ Elaine - Rental email inquiry
  • Happy New Year Marty & Vicki, Taking this time to express my appreciation for all you do to make this an enjoyable & safe place to live. It really warms my heart to see you and Vicki work as a team, the secret for your sucess.Thank you for hosting the Christmas party, I enjoyed visting & getting to know other tenants.May God bless you through the coming year with health, happiness and love. Once again thank you. Janie - Wallace Street - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartmetns - Riverview Towers

    ~ Janie - Wallace Street
  • Panoramic Properties Inc: I recently moved out of the apartment building in Wallaceburg (Riverview Towers), and I would like to let you know that the landlord, Marty and his wife did a fantastic job. I very much enjoyed my time in the apartment and found that Marty was extremely helpful without being invasive. Marty was the ideal landlord, spreading a positive, cheery attitude among the tenants while also completing his responsibilities in a timely fashion. Once again, he was an excellent landlord and my time at the building was most certainly improved because of Marty and his wife. Thank you, Matt - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartments - Riverview Towers.

    ~ Matt - Wallace Street
  • To Panoramic Properties Inc. Your complex is a very well managed property to live at. In particular the Maintenance Keeper, Sue, consistantly provided tremendous efforts in keeping the entire area clean and organized. Thank you for the first class accommodations. Sincerly, Scott - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Town homes.

    ~ Scott - 196 Cushman Rd St Catharines
  • To: Panoramic Properties Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to commend your staff Vicky & Marty for the outstanding and excellent job they are doing. Not only for the way that they treat you when you come as a prospective tennant but how well you are treated after you become one . I must tell you how impressed my wife and I are at the cleanliness and the way that the people living here mostly accept you as extended family. Thank you, Donna & Wayne Auger - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartments - Riverview Towers. 

    ~ Wayne & Donna - Wallace Street
  • Dear, Mr Butera   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to stay at your property. My family and I enjoyed living at this property. We feel blessed to have that opportunity and we thank you for your excellent services. We couldn’t image living anywhere else, and have made so many friends and will miss this place, especially your services and our neighbours. Sincerely, Norah – 40 Front St, Thorold Apartments.  

    ~ Norah - Front St, Thorold
  • Incoming tenant call: Mary was very happy with the good & quick service with a smile that she received today from our maintenance personnel. - 3401-3421 Weinbrenner Place Apartments, Niagara Falls.

    ~ Mary - Weinbrenner Place, Niagara Falls
  • Panoramic Properties Inc. It is with regret I have to leave the Baseline Apartment Complex but wish you to know I heartily thank you for the *5 star accommodation experience my tenancy was. Nicole, Brian and Deborah worked tirelessly every day to see each and every tenant received a comfortable, clean, hassle free and friendly environment. I personally cannot say I have enjoyed living somewhere else more and trust me I have lived in a few places. I felt it only prudent to share my accolades. They are due to these 3 individuals. Sincerely, Heather – 1785-1815 Baseline Rd, Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Heather - Baseline Court Apartments, Ottawa
  • Dear Marty & Vicki, Thank you for all you do for all of us. You go the extra mile so often and it's deeply appreciated. Thank you for the many ways you make our building, not a building, but a "home". Your gathering last night knit us all together as a community. Thank you for the heart warming fun. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Ed & Julia - 750 Wallace St Wallaceburg Apartments - Riverview Towers.

    ~ Ed & Julia - Wallace St, Wallaceburg
  • Dear Mr. Butera, A very special heartfelt thank you, for the opportunity of working for your company. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a fabulous, wonderful team of employees, both in the field and in the office. Sincerely, Susan Weaver - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.

    ~ Sue Weaver - Cushman Rd, St Catharines
  • To Whom it May Concern: We wish to thank Panoramic Properties Inc. for the opportunity to be a tenant, as part of the Baseline Apartments community. We have really enjoyed our time of over four years in this complex, and are overall quite pleased with the service and upkeep provided by the Rental Office and on-site caretakers. Our thanks goes out to everyone from Florence when first moving in, right up to Nicole and Brian most recently. The latter, Nicole and Brian, have been particularly helpful during their tenure, being very responsive to any needs or concerns that we may have raised. It has been our pleasure to be your tenants. Mark & Laura - 1795-1815 Baseline Court Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Mark & Laura - Baseline Court, Ottawa
  • Hello Yvette & Michael, Thank you for being so understanding during my move to Cushman Road. Elena and I are settled in and enjoying our place. Cheers, Kristine - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.

    ~ Kristine - Cushman Rd, St Catharines
  • Good Morning, I thought I'd take a minute to let you know I met with Mukhtar yesterday to take a look at the 30 Bradmon Dr, St Cathairines apartments, and must say I am very impressed. Mukhtar was right on time, very professional, gracious and he expertly answered all our questions during the showing. Thanks again for your help! Meredith - 30 Bradmon Dr, St Catharines - Westgate Village Apartments

    ~ Meredith - Bradmon St Catharines
  • Thank you so much, to the staff of Panoramic Properties Inc. who manned the sky lift to make the last part of my move in, a breeze and stress free! Greatly appreciated! Heather - 1785-1815 Baseline Court Apartments, Ottawa

    ~ Heather - Baseline Court Apartments
  • Dear Panoramic Properties Management, Thank you so much for the opportunity of a great experience living in Baseline Court Apartments. The staff is very helpful and kind. The superintendant and maintenance staff have been very good to us and it is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Tania - 1785-1815 Baseline Court Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Tania - Baseline Court Apartments
  • Lori, Your help is great and reinforces that I am working with a professional landlord. Warren - 246 Lakeshore Rd, St Catharines - Lakeshore Valley Townhouses.

    ~ Warren - Lakeshore Rd, St Catharines
  • To: Panoramic Properties Inc. From: Charlene - Prospective tenant of 3401-3421 Weinbrenner Place Apartments, Niagara Falls. I am so impressed with your service and I love the prices, thank you.  

    ~ Charlene - Prospective Tenant
  • David living at 30 Bradmon Dr, St Catharines - Westgate Willage Apartments wrote us: LOVE THE RENOVATIONS!

    ~ Dave - Bradmon Dr, St Catharines
  • Dear Management, I wish to thank you for the wonderful experience I have had living here for over a year. I will be happy to refer this complex to any renters I may know of in the future - Shannon - 1785-1815 Baseline Court Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Shannon - Baseline Court Ottawa
  • I have been a tenant here in Ottawa, 1805 Baseline apartments for four and a half years. The reason for choosing to rent an apartment here and no where else in Ottawa was the cleanliness that has taste and care, as if the designer would plan to live here himself. This is to congratulate the owner and his team and those who are here with us, the tenants every day, to make our living here a positive experience. The current management distinguishes by the fair and polite treatment of the tenants, and we all know that is no easy job when it comes to dealing with a couple of hundred of individuals in a multicultural environment. They also are paying attention to the maintenance of the premises. There is a permanent presence that gives me a sense of security and why not, it makes me feel home while being thousands of miles far from my native country.  Gabriela - 1785-1815 Baseline Court Apartments Ottawa.

    ~ Gabriela - Baseline Court Ottawa
  • Finding the unit at 196 Cushman Rd. in St Catharines, couldn't have come at a better time for us.  Having moved accross the country to be closer to our daughter going to school in Toronto, we were essentially "homeless" for several weeks until we settled in this Cushman Unit.  Sue and Gary in are fantastic neighbours and really did all they can to make us feel at home.  I can't tell you how much we appreciated that.  They really are lovely people.   We wish everyone at Weinbrenner Place/Panoramic Properties all the best of the season and look forward to tying up all loose ends so that we may both start the New Year fresh.   Happy Holidays!   Alison & Noel - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.  

    ~ Alison & Noel - Cushman Rd St Catharines
  • Dear Lori & Angelo. Thank you so much for awarding my garden this year's garden contest winner! It is always nice to receive that sort of recognition when you put the time & effort. Thank you for the $250 prize!  Ashley - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.

    ~ Ashley - Cushman Rd St Catharines
  • Dear Mr Butera, I wish to express my heartfelt thank you, for the esteem pleasure of continuing to maintain all the grounds during the seasons at 196 Cushman Road in St Catharines. It was so very kind and thoughtful of you.  I am delighted and honoured that you want me to continue during the following seasons for I have thoroughly enjoyed myself!  It gives me great satisfaction as I derive great pleasure when all the gardens and the property look "top notch". I wanted you to know what a wonderful surprise your kindness and generosity  means to me. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful and appreciative I am to Steve for asking me to do the gardens. I am indebted to him for having the confidence in me to do all of the complex outdoor responsibilities. Steve is an absolute treasure and a terrific boss whose large heart, respect, thoughtfulness, kindness, understanding and support means so very much to me. I am really looking forward to the coming seasons working "all together" towards a safe winter, great spring and fabulous floral summer. Thank you for the gift of "Seasons". Susan - 196 Cushman Rd St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.  

    ~ Susan - Cushman Rd St Catharines
  • Dear Angelo, I am sincerely grateful for the way you have greatly improved my living quarters. I am also honoured by how polite and courteous you have treated me. With all do respect and gratitude - Hilton - 30 Bradmon Dr St Catharines - Westgate Village Town houses. 

    ~ Hilton - Bradmon Dr St Catharines
  • Dear Panoramic Properties, Over the last year and a half of residence at 1 Humber Court Sudbury, we have been delighted with the level of service and professionalism we have met with. Thanks again for everything!  Marcus & Jacob - 1&44 Humber Court Sudbury - Tiffany Place Apartments.

    ~ Marcus & Jacob - Humber Court Sudbury
  • Just a quick note to thank you so very much for the air conditioning in our unit. We are greatly appreciative!! Special thank you to Steve (Operations Manager) for coming to us and being so kind. A really big thank you to Tom (Serviceman) for his work putting in the unit, he is a super gentleman! Hope you have a great day! Sincerely, Susan & Gary - 196 Cushman Rd, St Catharines - Welland Woods Townhouses.  

    ~ Susan & Gary - Cushman Rd St Catharines
  • Courteous, efficient!

    ~ Moeb
  • Jezebel is wonderful. She replies promptly to all inquiries.

    ~ Linda
  • Already looked after this morning, prompt and respectful young man.  Want to take this opportunity to thank you for the parking lot plowing, helps to keep us safe. 

    ~ Jen
  • We completely loved the apartment and were fully satisfied with the service provided. Looking forward towards a positive response from your side. Regards

    ~ Aman
  • I am at 30 Bradmon in St Catharines. Thank you for steam cleaning the carpets. It looks so nice. Especially large carpet at the front entrance. You have done a wonderful job on the apartments & the maintenance of the yard.

    ~ Doreen
  • Claude did a professional and great job as usual. Even gave me tips on how to keep the drainage cleared. He is a super employee for Panoramic!

    ~ Anonymous
  • I just want to thank Angelo and his team for the lovely dinner at the Caruso Club yesterday. It was a very kind, wonderful gesture and a great start to the Christmas season. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you all.

    ~ Shirley
  • Dear Natalino Raso, I just wanted to say thank you for helping us find the perfect home. We are excited to move into a townhouse of yours on July 1st.  Your team was Great! Your service is friendly, fast and kind. Robert was super personable! I'm glad to have him as a superintendent. Jim was friendly but professional and kind, answering all my inquiries in a timely manner. Kudos to you! Awesome team!

    ~ Denise
  • I live at Weinbrenner Road and just want to let you know that the current Supers are in fact SUPER! They are continually working and keeping the premises clean and are very cordial and responsive. Good to have them  

    ~ Sam
  • Service was excellent , fixed the following day . Much appreciated 

    ~ Shawn
  • We would like to thank the office staff and the maintenance staff for the care of the property and kindness that they have shown to us during the time we have been at 1815 Baseline Road.

    ~ Stephanie
  • I really enjoyed my tenancy here for the past 2 years, it is a very wholesome and friendly place. I really appreciated all the help and support from the main office and wonderful superintendents  

    ~ Allen
  • I wanted to take a moment to inform you that we moved into Baseline road 3 years ago after selling our home to buy a small business, since moving in we have had nothing to complain about as Bryan and Nicole run a tight and efficient ship. The appartments are always clean, the tennants always seem to be kept in line as we hardly ever hear our neighbours. Had it not been for Bryan and Nicole we might not have lasted three years. I can see ourselves staying for a while still. Thank you Bryan and Nicole for making our first three years in an apartment peaceful and enjoyable!  

    ~ Eric and Rahil
  • Good morning,  I just wanted to take the time to speak of one your employees Deon. He came to fix my kitchen faucet. I wanted to commend him for being such a friendly and professional individual, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone actually put forth an effort into their job. He was courteous, respectful, professional and friendly. He had my issue fixed in what felt like no time at all. It’s employees like Deon that make a rental company shine and he did just that today. He is truly one of the best maintenance employees I’ve seen in a long time.. don’t let this one get away. Awesome job and thanks for getting the job done it hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Tammy C 33 Berkley Drive

    ~ Great Maintenance Staff
  • Just to let you know your new employees are doing a wonderful job with landscaping at south end apts. Pauline Lauzon

    ~ Great employees
  • After a month living here we would like to thank Angelo, Bill, Alex and the staff for a nice place to live in! For all the help we were given! We love our apt and all the modern facilities! We appreciate everything you have done for us! Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Frank and Georgette   

    ~ Dorchester