3 things to make your entryway ready for fall

The fall season is in full swing now that the trees are shedding their leaves and the temperature is progressively decreasing. In addition to including autumnal colours inside your home, the Panoramic Properties blog team has put together 3 things to make the entry to your London apartment ready for the season.


Bring the outdoors in


Fall is a great season, not too warm and not too cold, though the sun is setting sooner which means that your time spent enjoying the outdoors might be cut short.

Gather an assortment of leaves for a quick DIY project to remind you of autumn. Easy instructions on how to do this can be found here.


Add a bench


Tall boots are synonymous with autumn, yet putting them on and taking them off can sometimes turn into a balancing act. Adding a bench to your entryway is a wonderful way to make coming and going simpler. A bench with storage underneath like this one is an added bonus and a great place to store gloves, hats and scarves. JYSK (50 North Centre Road), the retailer that sells this bench, is just a twelve-minute drive from our featured Bentley Place community (1265-1275 Bentley Drive) in London.


Include hooks or a coat rack


Fall means dressing in layers like sweaters, coats, scarves and more. In your entryway, an assemblage of hooks or a coat rack serve as the perfect place to hang outwear. Browse through the local Value Village (1500 Dundas Street), an eight-minute drive from our Bentley Place community (1265-1275 Bentley Drive) for a used coat rack, or vintage hooks and consider spicing them up with a little colourful paint.


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