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3 Tips for Junk-Busting your Apartment

September 27 , 2012
Panoramic Properties Inc.

Make the most of your condo-style Panoramic Properties' apartment on Baseline Court in Ottawa. These modern units feature stunning upgrades and spacious kitchens and are perfect for hosting get-togethers with friends and family. Be sure your home is in the best shape it can be for guests and follow these junk-busting tips to make your apartment look refreshed, neat and tidy.




Before you start to clear out your apartment you need to prepare. One thing that stops most people from de-junking their home is that they simply do not know where to begin. If you have several rooms, clearing them out can seem like an overwhelming task. The best way to start clearing out the junk in your home is to make a list of places in your apartment where you feel that there is too much clutter. Once you have this list you can purchase any boxes, such as the ones found here, for items that you will recycle or give to charity, and garbage bags for the items you are going to throw away.


Work on Individual Areas:


The best way to clear out junk quickly and effectively is to work on one area at a time. Breaking your apartment down into areas makes clearing out the junk a much less stressful experience. Try to tackle one cupboard, one corner or one counter at a time. You can even do one area per day, and clear your apartment out over a couple of weeks if you're busy. Read more about how to break down the project into smaller areas here.


Consider if an Item is a Want or a Need:

A problem that many people often have is that they don't want to throw items away. Even if they never use these items and they are just clutter, people may still try to hold on to them. You can read more about people's problems with throwing away clutter here. If you’re struggling to decide what to throw away, make three piles: keep, throw-away and maybe. Once you have cleared out an area, go to your "maybe" pile and go through each item asking yourself if you really need that item. 

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