5 study tips for busy students

5 study tips for busy students

5 study tips for busy students

The school year has just begun. How effectively you use and schedule your time can make all the difference. As a busy student, you can’t afford to waste time. Developing good habits now will help ensure that you make the most of your time as a student in Ottawa. The blog team at Panoramic Properties has a few tips for how to study as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Set up a Schedule


It takes a little organization and some discipline, but setting up a study schedule is the first step to ensuring you have adequate time to study without feeling overwhelmed. Study time will not just present itself, you have to make the time before you can use it effectively.


Choose the most effective times to study


The most effective time to study will not be the same for everyone. When deciding what times work for you, there are a few criteria to consider. Find the times of day when you are most alert, you don’t want to waste scheduled study time because you are unfocused. Choose times when you will have the least amount of distractions, so your study momentum won’t be interrupted. Make sure you are consistent with your study times. Your mind and body will get used to the consistency and you will find yourself at your most alert and focused during these scheduled times.


Learn your learning style


Different people learn differently. Some are visual learners, others are verbal, some are aural, logical, physical, social or solitary. Once you discover your learning style you can organize your study time around it and avoid wasting time with styles that don’t work as well for you.


Take good notes


To save time when studying, you need to learn to take good notes in class/lecture. When you know how to take notes on what is important, you will have the necessary clues and points to focus on when studying, without wasting time.


Take effective breaks


It may seem counter-intuitive, but scheduling time to not-study is as important as scheduling time to study. Taking, regular, scheduled study breaks that you stick to can make your time more productive and help you avoid procrastination.

The blog team at Panoramic Properties hopes this week’s post helps you develop the effective study habits you need to succeed. For information on Panoramic Properties for rent in Ottawa, includingBaseline Court (1785 to 1815 Baseline Road) – only minutes away from Carleton University, Ottawa University and Algonquin College – please visit our website.