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5 tips for a happier apartment pet

posted on January 17, 2020

Beautiful couple relaxing at home and loving their pet

Pets are wonderful! They bring so much joy and ask for so little in return. But when you live in an apartment, pet ownership can be tricky. If you own a pet and reside in an apartment, here are 5 tips for ensuring your pet is happy there. 

Keep your pet well fed

When you don’t eat enough, you probably notice and so do those around you. It’s called “hanger” for a reason! To keep your pet well-behaved at home, both when you’re around and when you’re not, keep them well fed. Ensure they have food in their bowl and water in their dish -- especially when you’re going out for awhile.

Keep the temperature consistent

You don’t like being chilly or too hot and neither does your pet. While it might be tempting to turn your thermostat down to the bare minimum in winter or turn off your air conditioning in summer while you’re out, your pet may find it distressing to be left in your cold or sweltering apartment. Ensure the temperature is as you’d want it to be if you were at home.

Keep your pet active

Misbehaving pets, especially dogs, are often under-exercised. If your dog is hyper and anxious, they might need a good walk. Your pet needs exercise all year round -- even in winter when you don’t feel like going outside. Ensure your pet gets adequate daily walks. If you live near an off-leash area, try to let them roam free for a while so they can burn off some of that excess energy.

Keep your pet entertained

When you go to work or out for a night on the town, your pet gets bored. It’s never a bad idea to keep your pet entertained. Give them fun toys to play with -- they’ll be happier for it!

Keep your pet comfy

You wouldn’t want to lie on a bare hardwood floor all day long and neither does your pet. Create a cozy nook for them in your home. This could be a pet bed or a couch or chair that your pet likes to snuggle in. This will make them feel safe and comfortable.

We hope that by following these tips, you’ll have a happier and more well-behaved apartment pet.  

Panoramic Properties hopes you enjoy all the joys of pet ownership! For information on Panoramic Properties in Niagara Falls, please visit our website.