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A fantastic Father's Day at home or in the great outdoors

posted on June 15, 2021

In times of change, it can be comforting, or even crucial, to observe existing traditions. Father’s Day is on Sunday, July 20, 2021. This Father’s Day may see continued restrictions, but there is nothing stopping you from celebrating a fantastic day with Dad, at home or in the great outdoors. Here are some ideas to help you plan a memorable Father’s Day. 

Make a playlist that’s perfect for Dad

No matter how you choose to honour Dad this Father’s Day, the right soundtrack will go a long way to making his day a special one. Is Dad the type to walk around singing a song or humming a tune? If you can make out what songs he is singing – put them together in a playlist. If you don’t know any of his favourite songs, this playlist is full of great little diddies for Daddy. 

Make a meal 

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. All Dads are different. Some Dads would love to have their favourite meal prepared for them and served on fine china, on a white tablecloth, with all the proper forks and spoons laid out correctly. Other Dads are more hands-on and want to be in charge of the Father’s Day meal. Whatever Dad would prefer to do – that's the way to go! That's how you plan a memorable Father’s Day. No matter what Dad wants to eat, or if he wants to prepare it himself, you can be helpful by doing the grocery shopping or helping out in the kitchen. If Dad has no idea what he wants to eat, one of these great recipes is sure to hit the spot. 

Plan a picnic

Now that you’ve got your Father’s Day meal menu squared away, it’s time to decide where and how you want to eat it. Enjoying a picnic in a local park is a great way to make even an everyday meal feel extra special. If it rains on the big day, you don’t have to cancel your picnic plans – simply move the coffee table out of the way, lay down a picnic-perfect tablecloth and have an indoor picnic fit for a king!

Fly a kite

When was the last time you went to the park to fly a kite? If you’ve never flown a kite, it’s time to learn how. There is something special that happens to you when the kite catches the right breeze and takes flight. The sound of the kite flapping and fluttering in the wind as it gently tugs at the string is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. Try it, you’ll see! 

Get physical

If Dad is the kind of guy who just can’t sit still, you may want to get moving and break a sweat together this Father’s Day. You can take a run together, or if the weather isn’t cooperating you can do an online workout of his choice. Hey, it’s his day!

If Dad is the active type, he may want to work off some of those calories after your picnic. Remember, this is his day. So get up and break a sweat together! There are lots of great, free online workout videos for every fitness level. Depending on restrictions in your area you could even go golfing together or hit the local driving range!

Take an ‘Awe walk’

Is Dad the strong silent type? Getting out for an Awe walk has become almost essential during these months of restrictions. Now that most outdoor activities have opened up again, getting out into nature is even easier. An Awe walk is any walk where attention is shifted outward, at the natural beauty of your surroundings, rather than focusing inward on whatever may be stressing you out. A recent study found that a regular 15-minute walk in nature helps reduce stress and can improve mental health.  

Take a hike

If Dad isn’t the type to go for an “Awe walk” he may love the idea of taking a hike. You don’t have to tell him that it’s basically the same thing. If you don’t know where any good hiking trails are near you, the AllTrails app can help. The app features over 200,000 trails curated by fellow hikers. You’re sure to find the perfect trail for your perfect day. 

Go Fishin’

If Dad is an avid angler, Father’s Day is the perfect time to cast a line together. These fishing apps for iOS and Android will help you reel in the big one. The apps offer valuable information for fishermen of all levels, including fishing reports for most provinces, how to tie great fishing knots and much more. 

Watch his favourite movie

After a busy day of food, fun, fishing and more, it’s likely Dad will be looking to enjoy a little down time. Sunday evening is the perfect time to sit down and watch whatever Dad’s favourite film happens to be. If Dad doesn’t have a favourite, or you’re just too sick of watching it, this list of the 46 Greatest Father's Day Movies is sure to help you find the perfect Father’s Day flick. 

We hope these ideas for how to plan a memorable Father’s Day at home, or in the great outdoors, helps to make Dad’s day extra-special.

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