A romantic Valentine’s Day at home

Amorous couple toasting with red wine while cooking breakfast

Whether you’re a homebody, can’t go out, new parent, can’t take the chaos, or just opposed to spending money on Valentine’s Day, rest assured that you can enjoy a fabulous evening at home. To help you plan the perfect night in, here are some fun and romantic ideas for enjoying a sweet Valentine’s Day in your apartment.

Make dinner

One of the most romantic things you can do is make your date dinner. It’s an opportunity to show you care and that you’re ready to put in some work for that person. It’s always a good plan to ensure that what you intend to cook is something your date likes to eat, can eat (no allergies etc.), and isn’t too much of a stretch for you to prepare properly. Don’t be shy — ask them what they might enjoy (cuisine-wise) and if they’re allergic to anything. Once you know what you want to make, look for well-reviewed recipes online. Video recipes are helpful. Buy the ingredients you’ll need and make as much as you can in advance. There’s nothing worse than a dinner date that you spend most of the night in the kitchen cooking for!

Movie night

A movie night can be totally romantic if you do it right! Set the scene — clean up your apartment and ensure cozy things like pillows and blankets are available. You can take it to new heights by ordering in food, lighting some candles and having a little picnic in your living room. 

Dance the night away

If you’re able to beat your partner home, you can transform your living room into a dancefloor for the night  Clear some space, get a romantic slow dance playlist together, light some candles, borrow your kid’s disco ball and you’ve got a romantic surprise that will knock your partner off their feet.

Lounge vibes

Transform your apartment into a cocktail lounge by dimming the lights, lighting some candles or lanterns and clearing an inviting space in your living room for you and your date to relax. Whip up some classy cocktails to share and just enjoy each other’s company. If you want to impressĀ  pick up some pretty cocktail glasses to serve in. Plan the night in advance by testing out some cocktail recipes to make sure you like them. Check out Delish magazine’s collection of delicious winter cocktail recipes here for inspiration.

We hope you give one of these fabulous at-home Valentine’s Day ideas a try this year! There’s no need to go out to have a ball.

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