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Before you apply for an apartment

August 2 , 2013

Moving into a new apartment is a very exciting time for many people, especially if it’s their first home. This isn’t as simple as putting together a wish-list and signing a contract; before anyone can actually enjoy their new residence some work has to be done. At Panoramic Properties, we are experts in the residential rental field and so for today’s post, our blog team wants to help you get your documents together before you apply for an apartment.

  Taking some time to prepare a rental packet before applying for an apartment in Ottawa can save a lot of effort. For example, if you wanted to rent out our featured Baseline Court apartment, (1785-1815 Baseline Road) personal information is required. You can expect to be asked for your social insurance and driver’s license numbers, so having photocopies on hand is a good idea.   Proof of your present address could also be required, so save a few recent bills as the prospective lessee might want to know the length of your tenancy and your reasons for moving. Having your landlord’s full name and phone number handy is also important. Names and personal information of co-applicants will also be required, for a sample rental application, click here.   Potential landlords want to make that sure you are a reliable person and able to afford your current monthly obligations as well as pay rent. You will be asked about your employment status, where you work, how long you have been there, your supervisor’s name and phone number as well as salary. Recent bank statements or cheque stubs are common indicators, so keep a few on hand. You may also be required to provide a copy of your credit score, so consider ordering one online.   A document with references should also be included in your rental packet and consist of professional and personal references. If you are renting an apartment as well as a parking spot, additional information might also be asked. It doesn’t hurt to also have other forms like copies of your vehicle registration, license plate number, year, model and make.   With these documents prepared in a file folder, your apartment search will go much smoother. At Panoramic Properties we have rental units across Ontario and are always welcoming new tenants. To find out about apartments that we have available, please click here.