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Budget friendly Valentine's Day gifts

posted on February 08, 2023

If you're like the countless Canadians who are currently feeling the pinch of inflation, you might be looking for budget-conscious gift ideas for Valentine's Day this year. We're here to help by presenting you with some options that won't break the bank. Treat the people you love to these affordable Valentine's Day gifts. 

Make a special breakfast

You've got to eat, so treat the person (or people) you love to a special homemade breakfast. Serving something sweet would make a fun breakfast on Valentine's Day, so give one of these low cost sweet breakfast recipes a try. From monkey bread to crepes, you'll be sure to put a smile on someone's face without breaking the bank. If your loved one(s) prefer(s) savoury breakfast meals, these budget friendly options are great alternatives.

Write a thoughtful card or letter

We're going a bit old school with this affordable Valentine's Day gift idea. Remember public school? On Valentine's Day it was pretty standard practice to create cards for classmates and friends. You always felt special getting one -- especially if it was handmade, cute or included a personalized message. As adults, we often forsake the sentimentality of this special holiday and focus on consumerism -- gifting bouquets of expensive flowers, boxes of overpriced chocolates, jewellery etc. in order to impress our loved ones. But why? Does anyone really remember those things long term? Yet so many people cherish thoughtful cards, letters and notes from loved ones, saving them for years as mementos. This year, give those you care for thoughtful cards or letters. Bonus if you can make cards from scratch, but buying a pack of blank cards at the dollar store is also well within a low budget and can still be very thoughtful with a carefully crafted message. This guide on how to write thoughtful cards and letters will help.

Make dessert

A box of chocolates is a pretty classic Valentine's Day gift, but tends to be pretty expensive. If chocolate is what you want to give, but purchasing a box is financially out of reach, opt to make some budget friendly homemade truffles this year. They're easy to prepare, taste amazing and can be boxed up on a budget with a paper box and tissue paper from the dollar store, or a cellophane bag tied with ribbon. Whoever you give them too will likely appreciate the extra effort and personal touch as well.

If you're living with the person you want to impress, or at least dining with them, a homemade dessert could be a lovely gesture and gift this Valentine's Day. Chocolate is pretty classic, so why not go totally classic with these show-stopping hot chocolate souffles from Gordon Ramsay? They're fairly affordable to make, but difficult to execute perfectly and will definitely prove that you made an effort! 

If your dining companion is just not that into chocolate, consider whipping up these adorable conversation heart sugar cookies. They're like big cookie versions of classic Valentine's Day heart candies that have little messages like "be mine" on them, and you can use them to express exactly how you feel. 

Consider a name necklace, or hunt for something more unique 

Personalized name necklaces can be remarkably affordable and thoughtful! Not sure what they are? Think the iconic Carrie necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker throughout Sex and the City. They are a lovely gift option for jewellery wearers this Valentine's Day. Etsy Canada has countless options for them costing anywhere from $10 to hundreds depending on the materials and design. 

If your sweetheart isn't into major trends like that, Etsy Canada is still a fabulous marketplace to explore for more unique gifts and handmade items to suit any budget and taste. You can finetune your search results to a T, even honing in on great gifts for $25 or less in your special someone's niche. Not sure where to start? They created great gifts for her and gifts for him guides with everything from "I pick you" guitar picks to couples cocktail glasses sets.

We hope these affordable Valentine's Day gift ideas help you in a pinch this year!

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