Check out Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code Special Exhibition



It’s time to get your science on, Sudbury! Check out Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code. This special exhibition is on right now at Science North (100 Ramsey Lake Road). Panoramic Properties wants to fill you in on all you need to know before you go!


Genomics 101


You may have been told that you have your mother’s eyes, or your father’s nose. What is it about us that makes us,, us? The answer can be found in our genome. It’s the code of life and its signature is found in every cell of your body. What is it that sets us apart not only from each other, but from every other living thing on the planet? What does it take to create the seemingly infinite variations of life we see all around us? The answer may surprise you.


Unraveling the Mystery


The Human Genome Project officially launched in 1990 and was declared complete in 2003. The goal of the project was to determine the sequence of base pairs that make up human DNA. To identify and map all the genes of the human genome took thousands of scientists and over three billion dollars. It is the world’s largest collaborative biological undertaking. The genome of every individual is unique. To map the human genome involved determining the sequence from a small sample group of individuals and assembling these together to determine the sequence for each chromosome. The complete map of the genome is therefore a mosaic and not representative of any one individual.


The Exhibit


Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code investigates the mystery behind the completed genome sequence, the instructions required for every living thing on the planet to function and grow. Thanks to the work of the Human Genome Project we are beginning to understand much more about ourselves, what makes us different, and what is the same in all of us. The information contained in the genome can help individuals trace their ancestral past and help science make the future of medicine more effective. In this exhibit you will discover how our ability to identify thousands of genes that contribute to disease is paving the way for more precise and personalized healthcare. Today, diseases that are within our cells, such as Cystic Fibrosis, have no treatment. Tomorrow, using these new tools, it may be possible to remove the defective DNA and replace it with functional DNA. You can voice your opinion and ideas on the legal and ethical issues that surround genomic research and the implications it has for us and for society. The exhibit challenges you to look at yourself in a new way. You are an individual but you are also a member of a family, a broader human family and part of the diversity of life on Earth.
Panoramic Properties hopes you get a chance to check out: Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code. It’s on now, until January 7th at Science North – only a few minutes walk from Ramsey View Court. For information on other Panoramic Properties in Sudbury, please visit our website.