Check out the 1860s Fall Fair

Check out the 1860s Fall Fair

Check out the 1860s Fall Fair

There is a lot to celebrate in Ottawa this year during Canada 150. Why not step up the experience by taking a step back in time with an1860’s Fall Fair. On the weekend of September 16th and 17th, at Upper Canada Village, you can get a glimpse of what life was like back when our country was brand new. Panoramic Properties wants to help get you into the spirit of the time!

The Fair

This is your chance to participate in an authentic 1860’s Fall Fair. Public entries are welcome, but 1860’s Fall Fair guidelines must be followed. Choose from categories such as art, handwork, preserves, vegetables and more. Explore the fair and see the livestock, sample the Village Fair Treats like Village-baked bread, Village-made cheese, cider, fresh apples, lemonade and fudge – all for only 50 cents each! There will also be 1860 style entertainment to enjoy – like magic shows and music.


You might not realize this but the music was a part of daily life since before you could digitally stream any song in the world on your phone. Before recorded music or the mass production of musical instruments, music was played in the villages of Upper Canada. Most of the musical instruments we are familiar with today existed in the 1860s. People played pianos, fiddles, guitars, banjos, reed organs, flutes and more. You’re sure to hear some music in the air at the fair.


It’s time to show your stuff at the Upper Canadian Beard Championships on Sunday Sept 17, 2017 at 1:15pm at Cook’s Tavern within Upper Canada Village. This competition is infused with the historical spirit. The 1860’s were a wonderful time for facial hair. You can register now to compete in any of the 7 categories – from full beard to fake facial hair (mostly for women and children, though it is open to all).


By the 1860’s agriculture was well established in Upper Canada. Mixed farming was just becoming popular, after decades of wheat farming. It was a labour-intensive way to make a living. At Upper Canada Village, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the time as you tour several family farms – from manual labour sharecroppers to state of the art, horse-powered machine farms.


Come see how far we’ve come and some things that never change at the 1860’s Fall Fair. It’s a fascinating way to spend the day.

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