Check out these local hiking trails

The Panoramic Properties blog team wants residents at London apartments to enjoy the great outdoors this Summer. Hiking season has arrived making it the perfect time to discover nature nearby. Prepare to explore beautiful London on foot, beginning with one of today’s featured trails.

Westminister Ponds Trails

Six big ponds and a handful of smaller ones makes Westminister Ponds Trails (696 Wellington Road) a delightful pick for local hikers. These local trails are perfect for walking as they offer plenty of picturesque spots along the way. One of London’s largest natural areas, the park totals nearly 300 hectares and is home to abundant wildlife and multiple natural habitats. To explore the area this Spring or Summer, plan on a  15-minute drive from 1265-1275 Bentley Drive Apartments.


Komoka Provincial Park (Komoka Road) is just far enough away to feel like a true retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Under a 30-minute drive from 1265-1275 Bentley Drive Apartments, the park follows London’s beloved Thames River. Take note that the park does not have any facilities.

Fanshawe Conservation Area

Over 30 kilometres of trails at nearby Fanshawe Conservation Area (1424 Clarke Road) make this a local hiking spot that you can keep coming back to throughout the season to continue exploring. Hikers can enjoy over eight kilometres of pathway (and three unique loops) all to themselves — no bicycles allowed. To get to this serene forested area, bike less than 10 minutes from 1265-1275 Bentley Drive Apartments.

Opportunities to continue exploring

The Thames Valley Trail Association hosts regular hiking events as a part of their Meetup group, Come Hike and Walk with Us. If you are looking for regular opportunities to explore local hiking trails and to get to know other outdoor enthusiasts in London, consider joining this club this season.

Panoramic Properties hopes you have a blast discovering all the wonderful trails located close by. For more information about London apartments, simply visit our website today.