Cold weather cupboard essentials

Winter can be brutal with freezing temperatures, icy roads and slippery walkways. For these reasons, many people prefer to stay indoors. At Panoramic Properties, our blog team has put together a list of some cold weather essentials to keep in your Niagara Falls cupboards. With these items on hand, you can lessen the need to leave the apartment while still having access to abundant foods.


Oatmeal is one of the best things you can keep in your cupboard and can be consumed in a different way everyday. Flavoured with berries, dried fruit, nuts or bananas, and sweetened with sugar, maple syrup or honey, the combinations are endless. Add hot milk or water and you’ll have a satisfying breakfast that will keep you full for a while. The local Sobeys (3714 Portage Road) is just a two-minute drive from our featured Katrina Court Apartments (6635 Thorold Stone Road) and will surely have many varieties to choose from.


Hot cocoa mix is a terrific essential to keep in your cupboard for those days when you just feel like curling up on the couch with a cup of something sweet to drink. You can purchase store bought mixes, or make your own, for a wonderful recipe, click here.


An array of canned soups and crackers are essential to keep in your cupboard during the winter season. All you really need to do is open up a can and warm it up in a heavy bottom pot when you’re ready to eat and garnish it with crackers for extra texture. The local Food Basics (6770 McLeod) is just a five-minute drive from our Robinson Street Apartments (5556 Robinson Street) and is a good place to stock up on canned goods.


Dry pasta and jarred sauces are also good to keep on hand and make a perfect meal during the cold weather. Chippawa Foodland (8251 Dock Street) is just a three-minute drive from our Pell Street Apartments (8083 Pell Street) and is a convenient place to shop for these items.


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