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DIY art projects for your apartment

posted on July 23, 2021

Summer is a great time to shake up your apartment decor. You may not have the budget to buy art that you love for your apartment, but you can add a bit of flair and an injection of your personality with these DIY art projects that are perfect for apartment dwellers. Even if making art isn’t your thing, you will be surprised by how easy some of these projects are and how impressive the end results are. 

Wallpaper flowers

You may not be a wallflower when it comes to your taste in decor, but these Wallpaper flowers might be just what you’re looking for. This easy art project adds a pop of colour and pattern to your wall and comes with step-by-step instructions. It even comes with a downloadable petal template! Once your flowers are ready, secure them to the wall in whatever arrangement you like with pushpins.

Metal leaf wall art

Ok, maybe flowers aren’t your thing, but what about leaves? This tutorial walks you through how to create stunning Metal leaf wall art. All you need is a faux fern (check your local dollar store), a black canvas (from the dollar store), white primer spray paint, gold metallic spray paint and a hot glue gun! The finished gold leaves look really elegant and pop against the back canvas backdrop.

Cork world map

Avid traveller? Show off where you’ve been and where you’re going to go with your own DIY cork world map! This step-by-step tutorial lists everything you need to make it and what you need to do to bring your own piece of the world home. The end result looks very modern and bright -- depending on the colours you choose.

Framed kid’s artwork

Maybe you’re not a budding artist yourself, but your child likes to draw or paint. Instead of stacking their endless slew of sketches or paintings in a drawer somewhere, pick up a few affordable, minimalist-style white picture frames with white matting and frame your kid’s work. Clean framing of child art can really take it to new, abstract art style heights and make the colours in it pop.

Framed scarf art

No kids? No problem! If you have some old patterned scarves lying around, and some empty picture frames, turn them into art by framing them! The results can be quite stunning.

Beaded wall hanging

Have some driftwood from your last trip to the beach? Put it to beautiful use by making your own beaded wall hanging with it. Tie strings along the wood and load them with varying lengths of strung beads. Knot the ends well to ensure they stay put, mount it to your wall and voila, art! 

Hanging plate wall

Have a lot of fine china (or cheap china) plates lying around that you don’t plan to use? Turn them into DIY art projects instead. They can look so cool tacked onto your wall in a group. Think of it like a gallery wall! Learn how to hang china plates here

Geometric cardboard planter

You don’t need big bucks to add modern planters to your wall! This Geometric cardboard planter tutorial will help you get the look you want without the expense. Follow this easy, step-by-step tutorial, pick up some faux succulents and flowers from your local dollar store and you’ll have the look you want in just an afternoon! 

Paper dahlias

Love flowers but can’t afford the cost or hassle of fresh arrangements? No need! Make your own paper dahlias to display on your wall. They’re big, beautiful and easier than you think to make. Visit a craft or paper store for virtually endless paper colour and pattern choices to make your flowers really pop. 

Open books

Bit of a bookworm? We have the perfect art project for you! Mounting old books to your wall can look positively cool and is a great way to tie in your penchant for literature into your decor. To make your wall books look like they’re flying open, add hot glue to different areas of back-to-back open pages. Once the glue dries, group your books together and attach them to the wall using drywall screws drilled through the back of each book cover.

Wood block nursery art

Expecting a baby? Add a touch of colour and art to your nursery with this amazing wood block nursery art project. It’s incredibly easy and looks fantastic. It’s a great way to showcase your favourite photos in an original and colourful way. You can even enlist your other children to help you make them, letting them help you create a comforting new home for the baby.

We hope these DIY art projects for your apartment will help you make your space feel more like your home.

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