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DIY holiday decor ideas

posted on November 23, 2022 in diy decorations

If there's a chill in the air but warmth in your heart, the holiday season is likely upon us! It's time to settle in, get comfy and spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones at home. Cozy times call for an equally cozy atmosphere. Give your apartment a holiday season makeover with these DIY decor projects.

Gorgeous Christmas garland

This Christmas garland is simply stunning and the perfect holiday decor project. It looks great draped on top of a mantle, windowsill or dining room table. You won't believe how professional it looks when you're done as the combination of pine garlands, lights, ribbons and ornaments really weaves together to make something spectacular. 

Handmade Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are classic holiday decor with real functionality as they look great and serve as great vessels for tiny gifts. If you have a mantle, they'll look adorable hanging off of it. If you don't, you can lean them against a windowsill or hang them on a door or over a doorway instead. They're surprisingly simple to make by hand with a pattern, some fabric and a needle and thread. Follow this video tutorial to make one in just 15 minutes! When it comes to fabric, we suggest either going classic with something like red or plaid felt, or going wild with something totally unexpected that works well with your existing decor. The shape of the stocking will convey that holiday look all by itself. 

Pool noodle Christmas decor 

If you've ever played with a pool noodle (those giant, colourful foam tubes) you're going to flip for these DIY pool noodle decor ideas. This video tutorial shows you how to transform them into everything from giant lollipops to wreaths to Christmas trees! Best of all, you can get everything you'll need at a dollar store.

Wooden Christmas trees

If you lean towards minimalist decor, but still want to add something festive to your home, you'll love these wooden Christmas trees. They're simple to make and look chic. You can make a bunch in different colours to create your own little forest! To make them you'll need tools and a thin plank of wood or two. You might need to make these with a family member or friend who has tools. If you don't have someone who can help you, do a little research as many urban communities now have community workshops and tool libraries where you can access the tools you'll need for free or a small fee.

Christmas tablescape

If you love rustic, natural decor, you'll flip for this gorgeous Christmas tablescape. Best of all, you can pull it (or something like it).together in just 15 minutes! The decor in this tutorial features gold, white and pewter pieces for a classy and subtle look. It's all about layering things like garlands, faux flowers and leaves, candles, and accent pieces to create a beautiful arrangement on the centre of your dining room table. 

Gingerbread village

Do you love baking Gingerbread during the holiday season? If you're feeling festive and a little ambitious, consider creating your own Gingerbread village. It looks beautiful as a holiday tablescape, but would also look amazing on a mantle, and it's totally edible! Check out Buzzfeed's guide to perfect Gingerbread houses and make as many as you can comfortably fit on your table (factoring in enough space for plates, cutlery, serving ware and glasses). 

Holiday cactus

If you live in a small space, having a Christmas tree can feel unfeasible. Forget the tree and make this adorable holiday cactus instead! Don't worry, you'll use a faux cactus so no one will get pricked in the process! 

We hope you'll give these DIY holiday decor ideas a try this year. Happy holidays!

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