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DIY Summer patio decor

posted on June 08, 2023 in diy decorations

Summer is patio season! If you have a patio or balcony that’s a blank slate or needs a bit of sprucing up, here are some fun DIY projects that will help you transform your apartment patio into a private summer oasis. 

Add a cozy bench for seating

To make your patio or balcony feel more inviting, you need comfortable seating. If you have a shallow apartment balcony, a cute and cozy balcony bench can do the job in a tight squeeze. These DIY tutorials will show you exactly how to build and decorate the perfect outdoor bench for your space. 

Upcycle vintage patio furniture finds

If you’re into all things vintage and retro, you’ll love this tutorial that shows you how to upcycle vintage wrought iron patio furniture – like chairs, tables, plant stands and planters. You can find this kind of furniture in antique shops, garage sales, auctions and thrift stores.

Add warmth with DIY lighting

Lighting is a great way to add warmth and coziness to your apartment patio. While hanging a simple string of lights across your apartment balcony railing will get the job done, you can do more with lights to transform the look and feel of your balcony or patio! From DIY fairy lanterns to mood lights, these ideas will get your creativity flowing!

Go green with DIY planters

Adding green to your patio or balcony brings a touch of nature to your outdoor space. Planters that line the railing of your balcony or patio are a great option because they are highly visible, use space efficiently and give plants adequate sun exposure.They can also sit directly on the floor of your balcony or patio. You can always buy ready-to-use planters at nurseries, the dollar store or major department and grocery stores that have gardening supplies, but you can also make them yourself. This video tutorial walks you through how to make your own wood planters affordably, quickly and easily.

Another benefit to planters is they are wide, allowing you to grow multiple plants in one vessel. We love using them for herb gardens and flower gardens. If you plan to grow herbs in them, here are the easiest herbs to grow for novice gardeners. If you plan to grow flowers in them, here are easy flowers to grow on a balcony.

Upcycle a few pots for solo and statement plants

While planters are great for growing multiple plants, plant pots have their place on your balcony or patio, too. They are pretty easy to come by at the dollar store, plant shops, plant nurseries, department stores and even the grocery store. They range from dirt cheap to crazy expensive. If you don't have much to spend on pots for your balcony or patio, you can pick up some basic pots and upcycle them into stunning pots that look expensive. Here are some plant pot upcycling ideas worth trying. They'll make your favourite plants pop.

Show a plant some love with a DIY plant stand

If you have, or plan to have, potted plants on your balcony or patio, make them stand out and stabilize them with a creative DIY plant stand.

Add privacy with DIY balcony curtains

Curtains aren't just for your windows! You can make your balcony or patio feel more cozy and private with curtains. You can buy them at department stores and decor shops or save money by making them yourself! Here's how to make your own outdoor curtains

Create coziness with DIY cable knit blankets

Does it get much cozier than curling up under a warm blanket on a cool evening outside? Nope! Here's how to make your own chunkly cable knit blanket at home by hand. If you have patio or balcony seating, it's the perfect addition to your late summer decor.

Sleep soundly on a DIY outdoor bed

What could be cozier than sleeping under the stars on a warm summer night? You can make it happen with an outdoor bed on your apartment balcony or patio. Here's how to build your own outdoor bed that converts to a couch

We hope we've inspired you to transform your apartment balcony or patio with amazing DIY decor projects. 

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