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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

posted on February 03, 2022

The holiday of love is just around the corner. If your heart is bursting at the thought of it, you may want to bring that special feeling home. Going all out on your Valentine's Day decor can be a lot of fun for adults and children alike. Here are some DIY Valentine's Day decor project ideas for you to help you decorate your apartment for Valentine's Day. 

Candy heart garland

Remember those chalky little pastel-coloured candy hearts everyone loves to nibble on during Valentine's Day? They have sweet little messages like "Be mine" written on them. Well, if you and/or your kiddos love them, this is your opportunity to bring them home in a big way. This DIY candy heart garland is the perfect decor project for you and is pretty easy and affordable to make! All you'll need is some colourful paper, a heart hole punch, letter stamps from the dollar store, baker's twine, and a small hole punch. Then all you do is cut heart shapes out of the paper, stamp on sweet nothings like "be mine", punch holes in the hearts and string the hearts along the baker's twine. Then choose a good place to hang it up like across your living room window or on your mantel.

DIY Heart art

If DIY decor projects tend to intimidate you, this DIY heart art project is for you! It might just be the easiest project we've ever shared and it looks sharp! Basically it's a framed pink or red lopsided heart and it'll look cute, whimsical and modern in any room in your home. All you need to do is buy some pink or red poster board and some white poster board. Cut the white poster board to fit into a picture frame and then cut out a smaller lopsided heart from the pink or red posterboard. Glue it onto the center of the white poster board piece, let dry, frame and hang!

Valentine's Day Dictionary Page Magnets

These little dictionary page magnets are almost too sweet! They're also pretty simple and affordable to make. Basically you use old bottle caps to frame print outs of dictionary definitions of romantic and loving words. This helpful step-by-step tutorial walks you through it all and points you to where you can buy all the supplies you'll need to pull these gorgeous and adorable magnets together. It even includes free templates for the definition print outs! Once complete, decorate your fridge with them!

Hanging flower heart

If you're looking for a standout piece of Valentine's Day decor that you can make yourself, this hanging flower heart is just the ticket. It's big, bold and beautiful and can be made with dollar store supplies! Basically you use fake flowers in appropriate colours like red, white and pink and mount them to a large heart shaped piece of foam. The end result is surprisingly beautiful and the perfect addition to your front door, mantel, wall or window. View the step-by-step tutorial here.

Valentine Balloon Heart Craft

This one is perfect to make if you have young children -- you can even make it with them! Basically it's an adorable and framable photo of your child holding a bunch of heart shaped balloons. To make it, start by taking a photo of your little one pretending to hold a bunch of balloons. Try to do this against a white backdrop or bare wall. Print the photo yourself or at a print shop on photo paper, then cut your child out of the photo. Glue their image to white card stock the size of your picture frame. Next, with or without your child, press a toilet paper roll into a heart shape instead of a cylinder. Dip the end into some pink or red acrylic paint and stamp it multiple times above your child's image. Grab a sharpie and a ruler and draw straight lines from your child's hand to the heart shapes to make them look like balloons on strings. Let dry and frame and you're done. View the step-by-step tutorial.

Love is truly in the air and can be in your home for the upcoming holiday! We hope you give these DIY Valentine's Day decor projects a try this year!

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