Easy and Affordable Summer Decor Tips

Affordable summer decor ideas, like light colour schemes with pops of colour, are in in 2019.

Summer is in full swing! Now is the perfect time to create a laid-back and welcoming vibe in your apartment. Panoramic Properties has a few easy and affordable summer decor tips to help you change up your home this season, on a budget.

Hanging Hats

Not everyone is a fan of paintings and mirrors on their walls. A great alternative, especially if you own a few hats, is to hang them on the wall. Not only is this a simple decor trick that looks great, it’s also very practical. Whether you hang them in your living room, den or hallways, they make a beautiful statement piece. The best part is that it won’t cost you very much — unless you have to buy a few hats.

Add Colour

This could be the simplest and most effective trick when it comes to redecorating your place for the summer. Whether you feel like painting, adding a few colourful pillows or flowers, adding a pop of colour will change the vibe in your apartment instantly. You can also change your china and buy colourful plates and cups, or pick up some colourful candles.

Add Plants

Plants are always a good idea. When you’re trying to think of ways to change up your place, but aren’t sure what to do, just add a few plants. A dracaena is very easy to take care of and it’s appearance will add a tropical, summer vibe to your place. Aloe is another good option, as are succulents because they are easy to take care of, too — just as long as they get enough light. But you don’t have to buy real plants. Some artificial plants and flowers look great as well and you can still achieve a similar effect without having to worry too much about watering them.

Swap Dark Colours for Light Colours

Changing up the colour scheme in your apartment can make a big difference in how the space feels and also how you feel. The easiest and most impactful way to swap dark colours for light is to paint your walls. This is also the most time-consuming way, but if you are up for it, it will be worth it in the end. Painting your walls light or warm colours promotes peacefulness and energy. If you live in a small space, white or tan walls might open up a tiny space and make it look bigger than it really is. You can also swap dark colours for light colours for the small details such as your tablecloth, vases, picture frames, plant pots and pillows.

Changing up the style and decor in your home doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Panoramic Properties hopes these summer decor tips inspire you to redecorate your home. For information on Panoramic Properties in Sudbury, please visit our website.