Essential Tools for Renters

On the Panoramic Properties’ blog today, we’re covering some practical suggestions for pulling together an apartment-essentials tool kit. Before purchasing any tools, think about the type of projects you’ll be completing around your home. Will these be larger weekend projects that will last throughout the summer, or assembling some flat-pack furniture once a year?  Once you know what you plan to do, here’s our run down of the items that you’ll need:


·       Measuring Tape – If you don’t have one of these already, make sure to purchase one. You’ll be surprised by how often you reach for it once you know it’s there. This is an essential addition to any toolkit and an important tool when redesigning or buying new furniture for your apartment.
·       Hammer – This one really speaks for itself. There are so many practical reasons to get a hammer that you probably don’t need to hear another one from us. If you’ve just moved into your new apartment this is essential for putting together any new furniture or hanging pictures.
·       Nails – Again, these speak for themselves and go hand-in-hand (or head to head) with a hammer. You’ll be glad to have them around for many basic at-home projects.
·       Screwdriver – No need to buy a huge set. Instead, elect for the two essentials: the flathead head and Phillips head screw drivers. These will assist with any small assembly jobs around the apartment.
·       Screws – What’s the point of a screwdriver without the screws? Pick up a small set for a few dollars and this should last you for years.
·       Duct Tape – You don’t need to don your flannel while using this go-to part of any tool kit. Instead, channel your inner Red Green for small temporary repairs with some duct tape.
·       A level – There might be an app for that but having the real thing around is more practical for completing installation of furniture or hanging pictures.


Keep your new items together with a compact and efficient toolkit or box.  You can find just about every colour out there available whether you like the classic red or prefer something bolder like hot pink or electric blue. Resist the temptation to stash your tools loose in a drawer or closet, after all, you want them to help you out on occasion, not add to your day-to-day clutter. Canadian Tire and home repair stores generally offer an essential set of tools that will compliment your needs and your Sudbury apartment perfectly.


Perhaps these new tools will uncover a love of small projects around your Sudbury apartment. Are you thinking of taking up crafting or small carpentry jobs? Share your projects with the Panoramic Properties online community.


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