Find Your Perfect Roommate

Looking to relocate to an apartment in ThoroldPanoramic Properties has stunning renovated apartments for rent in a quiet and private neighbourhood at 40 Front Street. Enjoy small-town life with the convenience of city life in nearby St. Catharine. Finding a roommate or two can make relocating to a new community an easy and affordable task.


Seeking a Roommate


Write a ‘seeking roommate’ ad that reflects your personality and describes the type of roommate you’re looking for. Don’t be too picky, but don’t be afraid to indicate specifics that are important to you. While you don’t need to be best friends to live together, it is important to live with someone you are compatible with. Be up front with what you’re looking for and you just may find it.


Your ad should list the benefits of the apartment complex and neighbourhood. For example, the Thorold community is a great option for Brock University students looking to move off-campus. The Brock campus is minutes away and in Thorold you’re also located close to the Pen Centre and amazing park space.


Roommate Interview


Once you have some replies from your posting, conduct a roommate interview over the phone or in a public place. Having a discussion offline is important to get an idea if you’re compatible.  Have an honest chat about issues and personal habits to avoid an awkward situation down the line. Be sure to ask questions about the following issues:


• Guests – How many nights per week would your roommate be hosting guests? Any plans for extended visitors or overnight guests?


• Socializing – Chat about what it means to live together; will you be strictly roommates or do you want to be friends as well?


• Cleaning – Be sure to talk about the expected cleanliness of the apartment. Whether you’re a neat freak or more lax about your surroundings this can be a hot-button issue for any set of roommates.


• Daily Schedule – What hours do they work? What hours are they in class? Are they a nighthawk or more of an early riser?


• Kitchen – Do they cook a lot? Are there any special dietary restrictions to take into consideration? How do they handle doing the dishes?


Roommate Agreement


In addition to signing a rental agreement with Panoramic Properties, we recommend drawing up a roommate agreement. This will outline details such as other charges, rooms, chores and house rules. If possible, draw-up a basic roommate agreement to show your potential roommate. Be open to feedback and negotiations for the contract.


Think of it as an agreement on how you plan to live together. A written contract will help you both to maintain a courteous roommate relationship, so take that time before you move in to address the following topics and any others you’d like to add about roommate expectations:


• Household Supplies – Consider if you`ll need a ledger to keep track of items used communally. This includes items such as cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper. Indicate who will be responsible for which items and if the cost will be shared equally between all roommates.


• Cleaning Schedule – Unless otherwise outlined the roommates should agree to maintain a weekly cleaning schedule. Specify cleaning duties as required such as washing dishes, vacuuming and other common household tasks.


• Additional Bills – The Front Street apartments in Thorold include utilities (Water, hydro, heat), but make sure to outline how you will split additional costs such as a home phone, cable and internet.


• Groceries – If you and your roommate will be sharing food, be sure to plan how you will split the expense. Also consider implementing a cooking schedule.


• Overnight guests – Detail a policy about extended-stay visitors and any overnight guests


More Ideas and Templates


Sample Roommate Agreement (Resource based in Alberta but applicable to renters inOntario)
Brock University Community Guiding Principles – Use Brock’s residence principles to build your own agreement for roommates
Roommate Agreement Form – This form is an excellent starting point to negotiate a variety of roommates.