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Finding the Right Apartment for Rent in Sudbury is Easy

April 20 , 2012

With recent commodity prices spiking to record levels, mines around Sudbury are starting to be profitable again. Some are increasing their capacity and some abandoned mines are reopening and refitting their operations. This new activity has brought an influx of new visitors to Sudbury – from engineers to labourers both short and long term.   Such an influx of people to Sudbury has created a strong demand for rental apartments. In some cases apartments are rented by mining companies in order to accommodate their temporary workers as it is cheaper to rent an apartment vs. renting a hotel room. Some apartments are rented by workers looking for jobs in Sudbury.   Considering Sudbury’s size, there’s a great choice of apartment rentals that can fit any budget. Consider Southend Apartments as an example, situated in picturesque park like setting and with prices starting at only $750 per month. There are many other of our apartments for rent in Sudbury in similar price ranges. Nepahwin Villa offers high end suite rentals that are situated on the shore of Lake Nepahwin with serene views, meticulously maintained grounds and featuring easy access to nature trails, picnic facilities, boat docks, swimming areas while conveniently located close to all city amenities.   It is no doubt that the new mining boom Sudbury is currently experiencing, creates a strong demand for rental apartments. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Sudbury we have a choice of five excellent apartment complexes; all conveniently located and all having unique features guaranteed to accommodate your needs. Whether you are moving to Sudbury with a family and children or as one person you will find the right and welcoming accommodation with us.