Finish spring cleaning with a closet purge

Cleaning out your closet – this spring cleaning task can give anyone the shivers. However, there are cathartic effects that come along with the act purging, reusing and donating your old items. So stop avoiding the inevitable and make room for a new wardrobe to make the most of summer in Ottawa. The Panoramic Properties blog team has pulled together some sure-fire ways to successfully clean your closet.


Here are some good questions to keep in mind while going through your closet:
·       Does this item fit me right now? (i.e. not when I go down a size)
·       Have I worn this item in the last year?
·       Can I see myself wearing this piece a year from now?
·       Does it work with other items in my wardrobe?


The process of slimming down your wardrobe often takes a few passes through your closet over a few months. Another approach is to break down the job into different elements of your closet. One month, tackle pants, a month later go through blazers and jackets. No matter what, don’t pull out the entirety of your closet. We’ve been there before with everything scattered on the bed and floor, rapidly losing steam. At that point, the only solution is to shove the stuff back in the closet and make it worse than it was to begin with. Keep the jobs small and work section by section.


Cut the extras out by sorting through your clothing and picking out items that you think a friend may like.  These pieces should be nearly new and ready to wear.  We all have pieces like this lurking in the back of our closets, the ‘ten pounds from now’ jeans, that gorgeous dress you wore to two formal events then retired or those killer heels that look amazing but kill your feet.


There’s no need to play favourites with friends about who gets what. Instead, organize a clothing swap with an equal trade system. A clothing swap can be a really fun event and it’s a great excuse to get together. Hosting in your Ottawa apartment is easy. Participants should each bring a maximum of 10 high-quality items to swap. Make a batch of your favourite snacks or drinks, put on a playlist and get to trading. We’ve found that a fashion show will inevitably break out so it’s best to have Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ queued up.


Don’t let the thought of ending up with the cast-off items after the clothing swap discourage you. Instead, think ahead and set up a pickup from the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) Clothesline program. This program comes right to your door to collect your gently used clothing and household items. All profits from the items collected go to support the CDA’s efforts in research and support of Canadians living with diabetes.


Other local options to donate your clothes include:


Dress for Success Ottawa – This not-for-profit group provides professional attire, networking and job coaching to assist economically disadvantaged women succeed in the workplace. The organization accepts interview-appropriate clothing, accessories and shoes.  The next donation dates are: Tuesday May 21st, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and Monday June 3rd, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  For more information visit: Be sure to check out Dress for Success’ fundraising event held on May 30 , visit to for event information.


Ottawa Neighbourhood Services (ONS) – This local organization has been operating since 1932 with the aim to help all Ottawa Residents access life’s essentials. ONS accepts clothing and furniture donations and sells to customers for the lowest possible prices. ONS also partners with social service organizations to assist their clients for free.  ONS offers both pick-up and delivery of donations. To learn more about ONS visit their website or view the video profile.


Do you have any tips for completing the last of your spring cleaning in your Ottawa apartment? We’re also interested to hear which local organizations you support by donating your used clothing.


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