Get creative with blackboards

Adding a personal touch to your St. Catharines apartment does not have to be difficult or expensive. A chalkboard, for example, is not only decorative, but also useful for writing notes or reminders. For today’s post, the Panoramic Properties blog team is ready to help you complete your own chalkboard project.


Get Ideas


To get started on your own chalkboard project, it can be helpful to browse other people’s crafts online. This will help you get an idea of what your options are. Pinterest, for example, has lots of unique ideas for using chalkboards.


Get Creative


Remember that you do not have to limit your chalkboard to a typical square shape. With chalkboard paint, you can turn any item into a chalkboard. Do you have any objects around your house that you no longer use? Picture frames, trays, large flowerpots, or clocks, for example, can make fun chalkboard projects. To find paint, visit a local hardware store, like the Home Depot (20 YMCA Drive), which is an eight-minute drive from our Queenston Apartments (349 Queenston Street).


Get Started


Before you paint anything, you will want to make sure to find a clear space to work. If the weather is nice, consider painting your chalkboard outside. Always lay down old newspaper or magazines to protect your working area.


After you’ve finished your chalkboard, you can use it to write helpful reminders or notes. Find chalk at a craft store, like your local Michael’s (275 Fourth Ave #100), which is a five-minute drive from our Church Apartments (99 Church Street). You can also use decorative handwriting to turn your message into part of a permanent display. If you are worried your handwriting isn’t nice enough, there are tips online on how to do make your penmanship look professional.


Panoramic Properties knows that making your space your own is important; a chalkboard project is one simple, fun way to add a unique touch to your St. Catharines’ apartment. Visit our website to learn more about our St. Catharines’ properties today.