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Get fit with these apartment-friendly workouts

posted on January 10, 2022

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get into better shape. It’s time to get fit with these apartment-friendly workouts. All of these workouts require little or no equipment and they’re designed to be low impact – both on your joints and on your floors. That means you can get into great shape – while still being a good neighbour! It’s win-win! 

Note: many of the following links include sound that plays automatically. 

Mobility improvement

Fitness levels are relative. Not everyone is looking to be a fitness model. Many of us just want to get through our day with the best mobility we can muster. You always start wherever you’re at and go from there. These simple mobility movements are designed to improve your full body mobility. These movements are also great if you went a little too hard on the previous day’s workout and you’ve woken up stiff and sore . 

Full body, no equipment, no excuses

This short, full body strength training workout requires no equipment and no jumping. It focuses on drop sets. In a drop set, the first set is the highest number of repetitions (reps) and that number drops lower for every set. It is perfect for beginners. The more tired you become, the easier the workout becomes. It’s great for building confidence, as well as fitness. This particular workout starts at 20 reps, drops to 15 and then down to only 5 reps for the final set. You can find many more workouts from host and trainer Joanna Soh, so you’ll never get bored!

Low impact for total beginners

Starting anything new can be intimidating. This video workout is designed for total beginners who want to be put through their paces with plenty of guidance and support. You won’t find any pushy trainer and no one is yelling at you. It’s pure support and encouragement all the way through. You can do this!

12-minute full body, no jumping HIIT workout

Short and sweaty. This 12-minute full body, no jumping HIIT workout requires no equipment and the workout is no joke! It may be quick, but this workout is no walk in the park. Think you can handle it? If you like this workout, there are many more videos from MadFit to help you achieve whatever your fitness goals are. You’ll find everything from a 15-minute beginner cardio workout, to a no equipment, slow and intense 30-minute ab routine and everything in between!

Yoga With Adriene

With more than 10 million subscribers, Yoga With Adriene is one of the most popular YouTube channels for free yoga videos. No matter what level you’re at – from absolute beginner to devout yogi – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Implementing a yoga practice at home is easy and all you need is a yoga mat and some water. These videos are also great to supplement to improve whatever other activities you like to do. You’ll find videos dedicated to yoga for runners, yoga for comfort and nourishment, even yoga at your desk! What are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and get moving!

30-minute intense full body workout 

This 30-minute intense full body workout requires no equipment (other than a mat) and no jumping, so there is no noise and nothing for the neighbours to complain about! This workout is going to make you sweat, so be sure you’ve got your water bottle nearby. If you like this workout be sure to check out more workout videos from Rachel Gulotta Fitness. You’ll find everything from a 5-minute stretch video to start your day, to a one-hour, no repeat super workout!

25-minute full body kettlebell HIIT workout

If you’ve got a kettlebell (or two) lying around, this advanced 25-minute full body kettlebell HIIT workout will put it to good use. This follow-along workout is great for overall strength and conditioning. This workout is split into 4 sections: lower body, upper body, full body dynamic movements and finishes off with the core and abs. There are 2 instructors showing you the proper form for both the single and double kettlebell modifications. Be warned, this is not a beginners workout. If you’ve never used a kettlebell before, get the basics down with a starter video first.

35-minute full body HIIT

This 35 minute, no jumping, full body HIIT workout is sure to have you working up a sweat. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It means you are working hard for short bursts, followed by an (all-too-short) rest period, followed by another round (or many other rounds) of high intensity effort. There are many great workouts from this same personal trainer/host including dumbbell, kettlebell, resistance band and no equipment workouts. 

It’s time to get fit with these apartment-friendly workouts! We hope these free resources help you get into the best shape for you!

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