Get ready to exercise outside

Study after study shows the benefits of exercise; it helps people by allowing them to keep their body and mind fit. This autumn, before the real cold of winter kicks in, step outdoors for a little exercise. The Panoramic Properties blog team has put together a list to help our residents get ready to exercise outside in Ottawa.


Moving your body turns you into a personal heater, so there is no need to layer on too much clothing while exercising outdoors, unless it is freezing temperatures. For walks and hikes when the weather is sunny with a cold chill, a toque might help to keep you comfortable since most heat escapes through your head.


Since jogging, running and biking turn up the heart rate and therefore make you sweat more, it might be appropriate to wear sports performance clothing. Consider wearing a base layer underneath your outwear. SUGOI (1518 Merivale Road), which translates to “incredible” in Japanese, is a manufacturer of hard working, endurance sports apparel. This retailer can be found just seven minutes away from our featured Baseline Court (1815 Baseline Road) community in Ottawa.


The Dewberry Trail is a one-kilometre trail that winds through a beautiful portion of boreal forest. Those who enjoy bird watching often come here since the birdfeeder along the way lures in a mix of species. It’s a good idea to bring a pair of binoculars in addition to the gloves you’ll need to keep your hands warm. There are numerous other trails nearby that are great to visit if you want to get even more of a workout.


If you want to get some exercise outdoors but don’t want to do it on your own, consider joining the Ottawa Outdoor Club. This group plans day and weekend environmentally friendly outdoor activities throughout the year. For a small fee, outings are created for almost every weekend of the year. Dow’s Lake Pavilion (1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive) is one of their meeting places, which is just eleven minutes away from our Baseline Court (1815 Baseline Road) property. To learn more about the kind of events they plan, click here.


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