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Give Your Apartment Bathroom An Update

posted on December 18, 2020

There are many ways to update your bathroom without spending a lot of money. Panoramic Properties has a few suggestions for how to give your bathroom a fresh new look — without renovating.

New Shower Curtain

Summer is a good time to freshen up your bathroom and changing your shower curtain is a great place to start. Pick a lighter colour palette and decide whether you want patterns, florals or just a solid colour. Whatever you decide, this small change can make a world of a difference. And because it’s so inexpensive, you can give your bathroom a new look more often than you thought.

Accessorize with matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers

It’s high time to get rid of all the mismatched toothbrush holders and soap dispensers in your apartment. By updating these small bathroom accessories, you can give your bathroom a quick makeover. Now that you’ve chosen your shower curtain, try to maintain the same colour scheme when choosing a toothbrush holder and dispensers. Simons and Bed Bath & Beyond have many options to choose from.

Matching or Monogrammed Towels

Your bathroom makeover won’t be complete with fresh, new towels! You can either get rid of your old ones or save them for when you have company. Keep the same theme going, choose a matching towel set, and get a few different sizes for variety. If you’re going for a vintage or Victorian look, consider investing in a monogrammed towel set. Whatever you do, try to find towels made of Egyptian cotton, which are usually thick, fluffy and have good absorbency.

New Bath Mat Or Bath Mat Bamboo Stand

A nice bath mat is essential for a beautiful bathroom. Look for something that is soft, comfortable, and works with your overall bathroom style. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you’ll need to select a rectangular or circular bath mat. For something a little different, go for a bamboo mat stand. The nice thing about these is that they won’t get soggy from your wet feet. They also look like something from a spa!

Best Bathroom Storage Solutions

If you share an apartment with someone, the bathroom is usually packed full of both of your personal belongings. In order to make this small but important room more functional and organized, the Panoramic Properties blog team has come up with a list of the best bathroom storage solutions.

Over the door 

The bathroom can be a place of calm or clutter, depending on how your items are stored. Making the most out of every usable square inch in your bathroom changes everything. Take, for example, the bathroom door. It may go unnoticed for awhile, but there is serious potential there. Consider getting an over the door hook, that doesn’t require damaging the door, to hang towels or clothing. 

Under the sink 

Underneath the bathroom sink is usually a small cabinet with some storage space. Use it wisely. Take the time to neatly organize all the products under the sink so that you can optimize the space. The same rule applies to counter space, if you have a lot of makeup or styling products, sort them nicely. Inexpensive containers or baskets are wonderful storage solutions where your items can be stored tidily.


If your bathroom has extra floor space, consider incorporating a cabinet inside. The nearby IKEA in Ottawa sells different sizes and styles of bathroom furniture which do not need to be affixed to apartment walls. This storage solution is great for towels, sanitary or cleaning supplies and toiletries. The best part about these cabinets is that they can be moved easily without causing damage to your rental.

5 bathroom storage tricks for small spaces

Addressing a lack of bathroom storage in a small space can be tricky. Smaller bathrooms don’t have to feel tiny, you simply have to be smart about how you use the space. 

Everything Under the Sink

It’s important to take advantage of every bit of space in a small bathroom. Cluttered counters can make your bathroom feel even smaller. You can store various odds and ends — like your hairdryer, brushes and bottles — with a convenient, under-the-sink cabinet caddy.

Sink to New Depths

Use the depth of space under the sink for storage. Place stackable, sliding drawers or baskets in the space you have to cut down on counter clutter and keep your bathroom organized. The principle ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rings true here. This bathroom hack will make the room feel more spacious. Each person in your home can claim their own basket!

Over the Toilet Shelf Rack

The area above the toilet is flush with usable space. An over-the-toilet shelf rack can slide right in, with no installation, and instantly expand your bathroom storage to new heights. They are available at Home Depot

Use the Corners

Turn tight corners into storage space with a free-standing corner shelf. No installation is required, just insert and start organizing!

Shower Storage

You can store a surprising amount of supplies in the shower. Keep everything handy, organized, and in its place with no installation or tools required. 

Transform your apartment bathroom into a spa

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be a peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate. Panoramic Properties wants to put you at ease at home with some easy tips for how to transform your apartment bathroom into a spa-like space.

Authentic Aromas

Creating a spa-like atmosphere requires engaging all of the senses. Improve the aromatic atmosphere of your bathroom with the natural fragrance of eucalyptus. The steam from your shower will diffuse the sinus-clearing aroma throughout your space and will turn your washroom into a eucalyptus steam room. If you can’t find fresh eucalyptus, you can get the same results from essential oil. 

Tools of the Trade

A long-handled bath brush, or a natural sea sponge, makes it easy to give yourself an exfoliation treatment at home for a fraction of the cost of the spa.

Instant Turkish Spa Style

While we DON’T recommend that you renovate your bathroom with Turkish tile — especially in a rental suite — you can bring a bit of the look and feel home, easily, inexpensively and without making any permanent changes. Choose a shower curtain that is reminiscent of Turkish tile patterns. Look for one with an intricate medallion motif. Then get your hands on a set of soft, striped Turkish towels, too!

Relax and Rejuvenate

A good spa should put you in a relaxed state of mind and help you rest your body. What’s more relaxing than a warm bath, a cup of tea and a good book? A wooden or bamboo bathtub caddy can hold all your kick-back essentials and it looks great while doing it.

Upgrade your Bath Mat

Complete the look and feel of your spa-like bathroom by ditching that mildewy old bath mat and replacing it with an elegant wooden slatted mat. It looks great and you’ll never have to ring it out.

We hope these simple ideas help you easily and inexpensively update your bathroom to suit your personal taste. 

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