Giving thanks around the table

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we celebrate with family and friends each year. Gathering around the feast while laughing and catching up on good times is what it is all about. Giving thanks over dinner is a great tradition to incorporate, so the blog team at Panoramic Properties has compiled a few ideas to help our residents express gratitude around the table.


An easy way to get started is for the host to describe the person or people they are most thankful for and why. After she or he has finished, these small speeches can continue around the table.


Getting a bit creative can make this tradition more fun. Consider using place cards to arrange your guests around the table. With their names on the front, leave a blank space on the back for them to write what they are most thankful for this year. StampFX (65 McDonagh Crescent) is a craft store that is located less than two kilometres from our Front Street (40 Front Street) community and a great place to purchase all kinds of supplies and to get inspiration for your own Thanksgiving crafts.


Another fun option is to play a little game to facilitate the grateful spirit. Make gratitude cards with scrapbook paper, cut them out with scissors that have decorative edges and add cute embellishments or stamps to give them a bit of flair. Give the cards to your guests prior to dinner and ask them to transcribe what they are thankful for. As the meal starts to wind down, ask the guests to share their feelings.


Being in the crafty mood will surely help you to get your guests to give thanks around the table. Put together a paper journal to commemorate the Thanksgiving celebration. For full instructions on how to make these journals, click here. Pass the booklet to all guests so that they can record their memories and sentiments. You can make one for each year and bring them out annually to remember what it was you and your guests were the most thankful for the year before. Scrapbook Central (111 Fourth Avenue) is also a good place to go to for art supplies and is located just eleven minutes away from our Front Street (40 Front Street) community.


Panoramic Properties is thankful for having amazing tenants living in our communities across Ontario. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!