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Going Green in your Hamilton Apartment

posted on October 19, 2012

Want to make a real impact on our planet's environment? According to Statistics Canada, households living in well designed and maintained apartments can reduce their energy consumption by over two thirds compared to households living in single detached units. 

Energy savings, coupled with reduced transportation costs, provide a financial advantage to apartment dwellers. Residents at complexes like Panoramic Properties' Southwick Place can reduce their monthly budget while going green. 

The management team at Panoramic Properties in Hamilton urges apartment residents to educate themselves on steps to reduce energy consumption.

Reduce dependency on your car

Get to know the local restaurants and merchants within walking distance of your apartment. For Southwick Place residents, Il Fiasco (182 Locke St.) offers a great dining experience within easy walking distance. Goodness Me (176 Locke Street) has a wide selection of groceries and is a three minute walk from Southwick Place. Remember that Hamilton also has an excellent public transportation system. If you can’t ditch the car permanently, try to use HSR over the weekends. 

Reduce electricity consumption

Keep your home electronics plugged into a switchable power bar. Simply flick off the switch before leaving for work. Make sure to use the most efficient lighting sources available and turn off lights when not in use. CFL and LED bulbs can provide significant energy savings over the course of a year. Lowe's Home Improvement Store (1945 Barton Street East) has everything residents need to reduce consumption. For a more personalized approach, contact Warren Works Lighting Consultancy (100 Beddoe Dr, Hamilton) an independent lighting consultant.

Further reduce your carbon footprint by buying locally produced foods and goods when available. Check out the Hamilton Farmers' Market for some great options.

For some additional sources of information on energy saving and the environment, check out these well-known resources:


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