Great Apps for Roommate Coordination

Welcome roommates to Panoramic Properties’ apartments in Sudbury. Whether you’re living off campus for the first time or young professionals looking to split costs on rent, it’s a great idea to team up and split the rent in a quality two-bedroom suite at the Commodore Apartments. Now that all the paperwork is done, let’s talk about the practical ins and outs of living with someone. No matter how well suited roommates are, there is bound to be some tension about finances, shared resources, and of course, cleaning. We hope that our post for today will help you find practical solutions and help you get coordinated


Chore Buster


Get rid of that out-dated chore wheel that nobody is going to follow anyway…Instead, use Chore Buster’s service to create an equal distribution of the required chores to maintain your apartment. This app breaks down weekly tasks by how often they should be completed or how much work is required. Chore Buster assigns chores to ensure that each roommate does their share and also allows users to track progress of each task. Is your roommate a bit of a Luddite? They can still participate with Chore Buster as long as they have an email account.  Reminders are automatically sent via email or text message without logging in and users can sync it with mobile calendars. There’s no excuse for missing a notification or task. We love this app because it makes chore assignments easy and that makes maintaining your space easy too. Available via: Web-based service, Android and iPhone.




Track who owes what on your Sudbury apartment with this app. Splitwise has cool functionality that makes sure you roommates settle up on what’s owed without having to chase one another down for cash or confirming expenses. This is especially useful for recurring bills such as internet or cable but also for one-off costs shared by roomies; you know, little things like fronting for pizza delivery or gas for groceries.  Not convinced? Checkout Splitwise’s blog – their writers cover a ton of roommate-centric topics and use data from surveys and app users to crunch the numbers behind pressing issues. Sign-up for an account or just favourite the blog posts for great roommate advice.  Available via: Web-based service, Android and iPhone.


Bank of Me


Do you or your roommate find yourself making IOU promises that you keep forgetting about? Make sure you pay back what’s owed – whether its drinks, money, chores, hugs or hang-outs. Bank of Me is interesting because users can select different types of ‘currency’ so users can repay favours in cold hard cash or your own customized social currency. This way, you can finally collect on all those high-fives you’re owed. Available via: iPhone




Hoping to split the cost of food but have opposite schedules? OurGroceries lets roommates collaborate on lists that make sharing meals or splitting on basics easy. Make and share shopping lists and recipes. Users have also commented that this app is a great way to create packing or to-do lists for other events like prepping for a move or even a roadtrip. Available via: BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.


For more details about Finding the perfect roommate, check out our blog post from January. We hope that you’ve found some of our suggestions helpful – let us know if you end up downloading and utilizing any of the apps. We’re always curious to hear about steps roommates can take to make living together easy.


If you’re looking for a quiet and clean Sudbury apartment to call home, then we encourage you and your roommate to browse our listings. Relax in Panoramic Properties’ 2 bedroom suites at the Commodore Apartments.  There, roomies can enjoy gorgeous upgrades including stunning flooring, cabinetry and on-site laundry facilities.  Panoramic Properties also manages a number of other properties in the Sudbury area, contact our team today about availabilities.