Halloween apartment decor ideas we love



It’s time to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween! Panoramic Properties presents some easy indoor Halloween apartment decor ideas we love. Dress up your Sudbury apartment in spooky style this season.


Spooky Piñata


These Spooky Piñatas will be a hit at your Halloween get together. They are easy to make and you don’t have to mess around with paper mache! Use a paper lantern, instead. You can find paper lanterns at Party City Sudbury (1400 Kingsway), about a 10-minute drive from Highland Suites (347 Hyland Drive). Basically, you just cover the bottom hole of the lantern with cardboard, wrap it in crepe paper and/or streamers, make a ghost face from paper cut outs, and fill it with candy and treats from the top hole. You can find a detailed tutorial, here.


Pumpkin Planter Centrepiece


If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but spooky isn’t really your cup of witches brew, you can put together this Pumpkin Planter Centrepiece in only a few minutes.  What you’ll need is a carvable craft pumpkin (it will last longer than the real thing), a cutting tool, a drill (for drainage holes), soil and some selected succulent plants to fill the pumpkin with.


Bat Napkins


The devil is in the details. Folding black cloth napkins into Bat Napkins adds a nicely terrifying touch to your Halloween table.


DIY Spiderweb Tablecloth


Turn your table into a dark but beautiful conversation piece with this DIY Spiderweb Tablecloth. You could also use it as a creepy backdrop to cover over walls that don’t look spooky enough for your Halloween plans. It’s time to turn bleach stains into creative works of creepy art! Start with a black table cloth on a plastic drop sheet and work in a well-ventilated area. Draw on the spider web using chalk and trace them with bleach. Spider webs are easy. Choose a centrepoint, draw straight line spokes from the centre and connect the spokes together with curved lines.


Mummy Throw Pillow


Throw pillows are often the easiest way to change the look of a room, easily and inexpensively. You can add a touch of creepy elegance to your couch with this DIY Mummy Pillow. All you need to do is cover the pillow with a white pillow cover, sew or glue on pieces of cut felt to create the mummy face, and then wrap it all up in cheesecloth.


Happy Halloween from Panoramic Properties! For information on Panoramic Properties in Sudbury, please visit our website.